Silly Things Women Do for Beauty

Silly Things Women Do for Beauty

Women do some crazy things for beauty. Let’s be honest. Women take over 3x longer to get ready than men do. The most extensive thing that men do is wash their hair and shave. Sounds pretty intricate right? Women have to pluck, squeeze, lotion, apply, and tons of other things. When you are in college, you begin to realize the huge differences between men and women. Men always look like they just got up for class, while women are dressed to a ‘t’. Here are some crazy things that women do to stay beautiful. Men, appreciate what we do, and don’t complain about how long it takes for us to get ready!

silly things women do

1. Shaving? in places you wouldn’t expect. Some women don’t want to admit that they shave in other areas besides their legs, underarms, and other important areas. But, there are some women that shave in places like the tops of their toes or even their knuckles! Pretty strange huh? It doesn’t mean that it’s weird. It just means that it takes a lot more upkeep to maintain a smooth, hair-free appearance.

2. Using Vaseline as a cure for everything. Let’s be honest women, Vaseline is like nectar from the Gods. It’s useful for just about every beauty concern that you might have. Sure, it makes your lips and your eyes shine with it’s Vaseliney goodness, but it also is used for a lot of other things. Make up remover? Check. Hair product? Check. Dry elbows? Check. Shaving cream? Check. There’s really nothing that Vaseline can’t do. It’s a miracle beauty product.

3. Preparation H for baggy eyes. This is something that can be pretty embarrassing. But a girl has to do what a girl’s gotta do, right? It’s pretty well known that Preparation H can help your baggy eyes. It’s also pretty embarrassing when you have to go buy some for your eyes. Luckily the people behind the counter can’t ask you why you are getting that Prep H!

4. Keeping really old makeup. I will openly admit that I am guilty of this. Sometimes it’s hard to throw away old makeup, especially when you only use it for special occasions. Sometimes, I forget that I have makeup that is really old. I tend to hoard all of my makeup and forget about it. However, it’s not very good for you to keep makeup for longer than a year. Besides, you want to change up your look anyways! Go through your makeup bag every couple of months and throw out the stuff that you don’t use.

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