Tips for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin Tone

Tips for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin Tone

Normal Skin Tips

Normal skin is considered as best skin type however you need to take care of your skin. Otherwise you need to spend on cosmetics a lot later.

  • Take small amount of milk and add 8 to 10 drops of lime juice and massage your skin daily for about 10 minutes daily to make your skin clean and shiny.
  • Take out the oil from vitamin E capsules and add 1 pinch of turmeric. Uses this to massage regularly for about 5 minutes and it will make your skin very glossy

    Tips for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin
    Tips for your Skin Tone

Dry Skin Tips

  • This type of skin needs butter, panner, cheese or milk in daily food.
  • Do not use soap for bathing. Instead of normal soap, use soap free face wash
  • At night, Always massage your skin 4-5 minutes by either moisturizer or olive oil.
  • Massage is best healing treatment for dry skin so do not avoid it.

Dry skin needs daily care of your skin. It makes dry if you fail to care of your skin and this creates wrinkles at early age on your skin.

Oily Skin Tips

  • You need to take care specially in food if your skin is oily for instance you need to stop taking oily and spicy food.
  • Always use astringent or skin tonic after washing your face.
  • Do you use soap at max and apply face pack (for Oily skin) twice a week.