Benefits of Yogurt for Skin and Hair Care

Benefits of Yogurt for Skin and Hair Care

As the standard of living increases with that increases the race for maintaining the same. In between those leaps and bounds we forget to take care of ourselves. Some think it as going to a beautician will do it all. But have you ever thought its quiet easy to take care of your skin and hair with just 1 bowl of yogurt? Or is it that you just didn’t knew that how useful that 1 bowl of yogurt you think useless is useful. So here we are to make you aware of the same and also to provide you with some handy homely tips for your hair and skin care.

Yogurt_for_Skin_CareFor Skin

Considered as very healthy for the skin from inside as well as outside, yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium with numerous vitamins and minerals. It acts as a natural moisturiser and also as a skin brightener. Yogurt helps in hydrating the skin. If you are having dry and dull skin, apply yogurt to your face, hands and legs and leave for 20 to 25 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and there you have a supple skin.

Those who are facing dry skin, add some honey to the yogurt. Honey will help the moisture stay in your skin for long. To brighten up your skin mix 4tbsp of yogurt with 1tbsp of cocoa and 1tbsp of honey. Create a paste of this and apply it as a mask on your and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water.

Yogurt also acts as a hydrating face scrub especially used for dry and sensitive skin. To get rid of black heads and white heads, mix some rice flour with yogurt and make a coarse paste, Rub the paste in circular motion on your skin and rinse it off with cold water.

Works as a medication for acnes and the regular application of yogurt keeps your skin healthy and also helps in subsiding any inflammation or redness. Fights skin infections and yogurt is also anti-ageing.

Yogurt_for_Hair_CareFor Hair

Yogurt is also considered as a natural conditioner and its just not restricted to skin. Yogurt helps in gain and retain of lost moisture for hair.

For that dry and frizzy hair, add 4tbsp of yogurt with one egg and mix it well. Massage this mixture in your hair and leave it as it is for 10 minutes. Rinse it off after that. This could help soften your dull hair and detangle those tangled hair without breakage.

Annoyed of that dandruff and that itchy scalp? Well yogurt seems as a saviour here also. It stimulates the hair growth by acting as a natural cleanser for your hair and removing that dandruff by giving you a dandruff free scalp. For this blend a some yogurt and add 2 tbsp. Of lemon juice to it and apply it to your scalp. Lemon juice helps in get rid of dandruff and yogurt increases the moisture in your hair reducing the flakiness.

So guys, get ready with that bowl of yogurt and get your healthy skin and hair back.