Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Shopping for diamond engagement rings means that you have probably already been introduced to the 4 C’s of diamond shopping. Clarity is often one of the most important aspects of an engagement ring diamond, so it’s easy to see why many people are opting to get clarity enhanced diamonds for their sweethearts. But, what exactly are they? Why are they so special? Are they worth the money? This guide will tell you all about them.

clarity enhanced diamonds

Diamond Characteristics

Clarity enhanced diamonds are exactly what you would expect them to be – they are diamonds that have had their clarity rating upgraded by means of special laboratory procedures. These kinds of procedures  can upgrade a diamond’s clarity while keeping the price of the diamond lower than it would be had it been naturally produced. The diamonds that are treated are still natural diamonds, and only a professional who is quite experienced would be able to tell the difference between a treated diamond and an untreated gem.

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Diamond Value

The perks are easy to see – the diamond that you will get will be cheaper, and it also will look much more beautiful on her ring. You’ll get a bigger ring, for the same budget. Believe it or not, rarity is also a big benefit to getting diamond clarity  enhancement. The diamonds which are chosen for clarity enhancement treatments are not as common as you would think. Only .25% of all diamonds can actually be enhanced, so the diamond that you get from a clarity enhancement specialist is going to be a rare find, indeed! This is because most of the imperfections that it clears are microfractures in the stone that occur due to the shaping process. Feathering is the main form of inclusion that is removed from clarity enhanced diamonds.

There is one major pitfall to clarity enhanced diamonds, and that would be the value of the diamond itself. If you are looking for resale purposes, a natural diamond is always going to be valued more than a manufactured diamond. This is simply a jewelry industry standard, but the fact is that it’s a standard that is very heavily adhered to. Most of the time, women will not care whether the diamond is “au naturale” or clarity enhanced; they just care that they need to pick out wedding dresses. It also is worth mentioning that low quality enhancements might not actually withstand the tests of time. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to decide.

If you choose to get a clarity enhanced diamond, you will love the way your diamond will sparkle in light. It’s a favorite of many jewelers who enjoy looking at flawless (or nearly flawless) gems. The only way to tell whether or not a jewel is worth your time is to ask a jeweler that you trust, and to start examining wedding rings as soon as you can.