Four Different Types of Wedding Rings

Four Different Types of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a ubiquitous aspect of Western society. Wherever you go, you are likely to see them on all different types of fingers. Indeed, in a society like contemporary America that seems to eschew any cultural artifact that is more than a few minutes old, and where so many cultures have blended that cultural heritage to almost nonexistence, the wedding ring has prevailed as a cultural icon that is still widely accepted and used. But despite, or perhaps because of, this ubiquity, there is an incredible diversity of wedding rings. They range from the simplest bands to the most elaborate works of jewel-encrusted art, and each unique ring signifies something about the personality and social status of the wearer. If a new wedding ring might be in store for your future, it is worthwhile to know a little about all the different kinds of rings so that you can find the one that suits you best.

types of wedding rings


• The Simple Gold Band

It’s easy to immediately peg this ring as merely the least expensive, but there are many other reasons why a simple ring might be the best. They are popular as men’s wedding rings, because of their understated appearance. The gold for bands is available in many different colors so that you can make your ring truly unique.

• Semi Mount Rings

Diamond semi mount rings are a special type of ring that comes without a center stone, leaving instead an empty slot where a center stone picked by the wearer can be fitted. These are popular with people who might have their own stone, perhaps a family heirloom, which they wish to wear in their ring. With a semi mount ring you can select any stone or diamond and have it custom fit into the ring.

• Diamond Rings

These are perhaps the most commonplace in the popular imagination, complete with a large (in some cases, enormous) center diamond. Some people like these rings because of their great beauty and worth, while others find them too ostentatious. As with all rings, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

• The Tattoo “Ring”

Yes, this does exist. Some people opt to have a “ring” tattooed on their finger rather than wearing a traditional band. There can be many reasons for wanting to do this, but in any case, it is certainly harder to take off than a conventional ring!

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