Pre-wedding Skin and Beauty Care Tips for Brides

Pre-wedding Skin and Beauty Care Tips for Brides

Wedding! Considered as the knot of seven births, one of the happiest moments of life which comes for once but its memories stays forever. Who does not want to look the best of their lifetime on their D-day? Nobody, right? Before wedding you should take into consideration some pre-wedding preparations especially for the to be brides. Let’s discuss some of this.

Pre-wedding Preparations for Brides

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What’s the point if you have a really good hair and it’s not properly care during those marriage preparations and ignored? You definitely will not have best hair style during your D-day. So,start taking care of your hair at least before 4 or 6 months of your wedding. Do not dare to try any chemical before your wedding day. Avoid that daily usage of blow dryer; it can damage your hair really bad resulting them in to split ends. Start nourishing your hair from inside out. Give a normal hair massage to your scalp and hair on alternate days it helps in deep conditioning of hair.  To make you hair shiny, eat food which contains vitamin B such as fish, nuts and eggs. Try to go for hair trimming after every 2 or 3 months, this would remove split ends and make your hair look well set. You can also do a hair spa at home to repair your hair. Find our earlier post on: how to do hair spa at home
Your face says all and particularly on these occasions. It can be figured out at one look itself whether you are nervous or tired of the traditional on goings. A very simple way to make your look fresh is by carrying a perfect smile on your face. Not that fakes ones obviously! Don’t try makeup or a any facial which does not suite your skin type before 4 weeks or so. If you have dark circles, go for natural treatment before 6 months of your wedding. Start your visits for such facial treatments at least before 6 months. Thinking of bringing that dull complexion to life than go for regular seatings of cleanup and facials that would make the circulation proper and remove blackheads and dead skin.

Your wedding outfit is going to show some of the neck part and décolleté. Therefore, you should take care of the same too. But make a note that this skin is fragile and thinner than your face’s skin and also has really less oil glands. So take care in accordance with that. Always make sure to apply sunscreen and cover the neck part while heading out in the sun. Scrub it gently with a face scrub or using some natural extracts such as orange peel and others.

Though your legs are covered under your wedding dress, you should not neglect them from your list. You are definitely going to go for that pedicure treatment before your D-day, then why don’t you start the treatment months before. Scrub your feet alternately with the pumice stone or normal feet scrubber. Always apply moisturizer and wear socks which help moisture to stay. Shave your legs only after you have softened your skin. And apply moisturizer to your legs too.

You can also give yourself an amazing body spa at home to repair your skin. Find our earlier post on: how to do body spa at home

So girls, get ready for your D-day, and make sure to make those nervousness and tensions run away  and not let your D-day spoil.

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