The Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

The Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

When looking for a new flat iron I was confused as to which one to purchase. With so many different models on the market, how would I know which flat iron would be best for my hair? After conducting numerous hours of research, my instinct told me to try the Sedu Revolution flat iron. After purchasing and using my flat iron for the first time, I was glad I had done so.

sedu revolution flat iron review

The Sedu Revolution flat iron has plates that are made of tourmaline ceramic. Unlike the prior ceramic plates I had used, this flat iron was not just coated with the tourmaline ceramic, but it was fully made of it. These types of plates proved to have great effects on the overall appearance of my hair. Never once did my hair look dull after using the Sedu flat iron. I soon found out that the quality of my hair was all due to the quality of the flat iron. The negative ions that are produced by the tourmaline ceramic plates reduce frizz in my hair and create a smooth and lustrous finish.

The Sedu flat iron kept my hair healthy while making it beautiful. The Sedu uses infrared heat for the straightening process, which is extremely better for the health of the hair. There is significantly less damage and less styling time that is needed. I was able to cut the styling time in half while having hair more beautiful than I ever have had before.

The plates on the Sedu are the anti-slip plates, which enable all the hair to stay in place rather than slipping out of the flat iron. The curve of the edge allows me to create perfect looks and bouncy curls, unlike the traditional flat irons that left dents in my hair.

The Sedu flat iron has been one of the greatest hair investments I have made. Its ability to straighten my curly hair made me love it even more. It can reach up to 450 degrees and worked wonders on all the issues I was facing when using other flat iron brands.  I have recommended this flat iron to all my friends. Even if they do not have curly hair, there are different temperature settings which can work for their hair type. The Sedu flat iron has become my best friend over night!