Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding! A dream occasion for all the girls, where they want to look at their best with the modest of makeup. But this is the only part where they should be having knowledge of what exactly they want from their make-up artist. Don’t burden your eyes with the same shade of makeup that is of your apparel.

Before you dump yourself with all those tensions of looking the best. Instead go for your own like and dislikes keeping in mind the following do’s and don’ts:

Wedding Makeup Do’s:


Choose a makeup Artist:

Although you know how to do makeup according to occasion it is never advised to be your own makeup artist during your wedding. After-all taking help from a professional does not let you down. Try a very few makeup artist rather than going in every lane checking who is the best. Give your makeup artist a vivid picture of how you want to look on your wedding. Appoint that artist only who is able to give exact look that you want.

Eye Drops are Handy:

It’s natural that you would get emotional as it’s your own wedding. Also wedding occasion trails the bride to lack of sleep, stress or shedding tears. As a result of which you start looking tired and irritated, this may also lead to have itchy feeling in your eyes turning them into red. To avoid such hazels, make sure you use eye drops of the brand you are used to.

Cat Nap:

Get as much sleep as possible as this will result in reducing dark circle around eyes, reduces puffiness of eyes & makes you look fresh & earns you loads of admiration.

Matte Eye Shadow:

Make sure your eye shadows look like bride of the day not vamp of the day. Avoid using those shiny eye shadows and go for matte eye shadows. Which don’t reflect light.

Wedding Makeup Don’ts:

On your D-Day avoid running after trends and props, as this may result to giving you a terrible feeling five years down the line.

Avoid those dark and shiny eye shadows which makes you look like attending Halloween party rather than your wedding. Try to be as natural as possible with your eyes avoiding those coloured contacts, instead ask your make-up artists to do an incredible job with your eye make-up.

Above all stay calm and stress free, as it’s your own dream coming true.

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