Top 5 Foods for Making Your Skin Healthy

Top 5 Foods for Making Your Skin Healthy

There are plenty of products in the market to make your skin glowing and healthier. Different types of cleansers, moisturizers, face wash, face scrubs, lotions, toners available in the markets but healthy food is only a key for your skin. Once you take healthy food your skin will definitely look awesome without using any costly creams.


There are some good food tips which will enhance your skin glow.


First of all you need to know Grains have maximum nutrients and more fiber per unit which is really helpful to make your digestive system perfect.

Vitamin A:

We really need Vitamin A in the winter as deficiency of Vitamin A means Dry and scaly skin and if it remains for a longer time than there are 100% chances of Acne. So take various types of food which contained vitamin A. Curd, milk, eggs, potatoes, spinach, carrots are the best sources of this vitamin.

Brown Rice:

Brown Rice is great to give a glow to your skin that you are always needed. It also contains high amount of vitamins and fiber.



All types of berries, plums whatever which are more juicy can help your skin. These are protracting to making your skin damaged from sun exposure or environmental toxins like pollution and also protects against premature aging. So you can keep your skin looking younger for longer by having these fruits!

Green Tea:

Beverages plays a vital role in our day to day life. Take green tea instead of having tea or coffee. It is an excellent option for your health as well as skin.

Last but not least is water. Do not forget to drink minimum 8-9 glasses of water a day to improve your skin and skin tone.