5 Holiday Makeup Tips for a Party-Perfect Look

5 Holiday Makeup Tips for a Party-Perfect Look

‘Tis the season to look fabulous. You’ve chosen the perfect festive outfit and accessories. Now you need the right makeup to finish off your look. These holiday makeup tips will make sure your face is just as beautiful as your ensemble, so get ready to party the night away!

holiday party makeup look

1 – Choose a focal point – Before applying any makeup, decide which area of your face will be your focal point. Most women opt for either the eyes or the lips. You don’t want different parts competing for attention, so pick the facial area you like the best.

2 – Smoky eyes are where it’s at – If you’ve chosen to play your eyes up to maximum effect, a smoky eye look is always dramatic and sexy. You don’t have to go with basic black, either — deep violet, charcoal grey and even a rich, chocolate brown can all create a smoldering eye look that complements your eye color. Brown-eyed women may want to showcase their eyes with violet shades, while other women can create knockout baby blues with charcoal grey. Green and hazel eyes will pop with plenty of deep brown color.

3 – Play with lashes – Now is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to eyelashes. Either use a mascara that promises thicker, longer lashes or go for fake ones. Today’s false lashes have come a long way, so application is a breeze. Place lashes only at the corners of your lids for a cat’s eye, come-hither look. You may also want to wear lashes with shiny gemstones embedded on them — you’ll have enviably full lashes and instant sparkle!

4 – Go metallic – If you avoid shine in your daily makeup, the holidays are the perfect time to shine and shine big. Metallic eye shadow, blush and lipstick can all add the right amount of glam; just don’t wear them all at once. Place an icy metallic shadow under your brow-bone as a highlight, or dab just a bit of metallic blush on the top of your cheekbones to make them stand out in a big way. Women with warm complexions will look fabulous in metallics that contain hints of peach, bronze and orange, while cool complexions will shine in silver, blue and lavender metallic makeup.

5 – Glossy lips rule – Create a gorgeous party-ready pout with glossy lip colors. Red, rose and pale pink are all great selections. Forget matte formulas; instead, go for moisturizing colors that last all night. Top with a coat of clear gloss and your lips will be irresistibly kissable.

Use these helpful hints the next time you’re headed to a holiday happening, and create a knockout look that’s the talk of the party!

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