Musical Fashions Rock

Musical Fashions Rock

Followers of fashion know that certain trends run on a cycle and will eventually come around again. But have you ever thought of owning a throw-back look before the runways bring it back? Who knows, you may very well be setting the trends instead of following them. Here are a few looks that should remain classics, always – many of which are inspired by music.

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Rock Star

This look is so much fun and can range from any number of styles. Torn faded jeans topped by tattered t-shirts can be taken into nighttime glamour by adding a fitted velvet jacket or even a scaled-down tux jacket, and don’t forget some sparkly jewelry to throw people off their game. This look is just as fabulous worn with high top sneakers as it is with spiked Vixen heels. You can dress it down by keeping makeup low-key or take it up to eleven by adding smoky eyes and siren red lipstick. For hair you can go for contrast by creating a classic updo or go all-out by waking up, tousling the whole lot and throwing some hairspray on.

If Glam Rock is more your thing then the sky’s the limit for clothing options – the main thing is to not be afraid of bold colors, including metallics – and to also play with multiple textures from velvet to vinyl. Skinny jeans with animal prints are promising to move on into the 2012 seasons, so despite their seemingly limited look you’ll get to wear them for quite a while.

With any rock star style the key is an overabundance of confidence (fake it ’til you make it!) and to simply apply an audacious stage look to your everyday garb. Truthfully, whether you play in a band or not, it feels great to look like a rock star and you may even find that you’re treated as a VIP even if you only just look like one.

Country Songstress

Yet another terrific look that combines vintage ’50s stylings with modern-day sensibilities. For this look be on the lookout for vintage dresses, either the real thing or vintage-inspired frocks. Then mix up the look by either pairing it with cowboy boots (fancy or scruffy will both work) or go Countrypolitan by wearing retro sexy wedges with straps that climb the ankle. When wearing boots, play around with different dress lengths; a personal favorite is a below-the-knee dress paired with standard calf-high boots, leaving just an inch or two of skin in between. This look is both sassy and surprisingly demure, despite its allure. And the best part about this look is that whether it’s a clingy wrap floral dress or a crinoline-based spaghetti strap sundress, this look can utilize a dress cut and style to suit every body type.

I’m too sexy for my clothes

This is another look that’s all about confidence. Say you’ve run out of milk and you simply won’t function before your dose of morning caffeine. Skip the shower for now and tussle your hair or tie it up in a high ponytail. Then give your lips a coat of your favorite lip color and then sport the biggest face-encompassing sunglasses you can find. Pair it all with an oversized bag that looks expensive (whether it is or not) and then walk into that store like you own the place. Instead of coming off sloppy you’ll appear to be too busy fielding important calls and being somebody to care much about how you look for such a trivial store run. Then surprise the checkout girl by being warm and cordial and beaming her with your “reserved for the big screen” smile. She’ll be talking about your visit for weeks.

No matter what style or styles you choose to embrace, never forget that there is only one You. So celebrate your uniqueness with the best accessory of all: Confidence!


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