Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Creating a Halloween costume with regular makeup and clothing may seem like a difficult task, but it is actually quite simple to accomplish. The following tips will teach you how to create a suitable look without worrying about making a trip to the costume store.

halloween makeup ideas

1.) Modern Vampire – The modern version of a vampire, such as the one depicted in Twilight or True Blood, requires very little prep and costuming. You can wear anything that you have lying around the house, but you will probably look more vampire-like if you dress in dark colors. To achieve the pale skin that is the hallmark of a vampire, simply use a white cream based foundation. Apply it evenly across your face and neck, and then set the foundation by using a loose powder that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you want to create the impression that you have just drained a victim of their blood, you can temporarily stain your lips and teeth with red food coloring.

2.) Bearded Man – This costume is an easy one for almost any woman to pull off. Simply put on some men’s clothing, and if you have long hair, pull it back and put it up inside of a hat. Keep in mind that men’s dress clothing tends to be more masculine looking than every day wear. In other words, wearing a tie is a great idea. If you are wearing a hat, however, make sure that it is dressy enough to go with the tie. Next, take a black eyebrow pencil and drawn in the beard by making short marks. Take your time during this process to ensure that it does not end up looking patchy or uneven. Once you have drawn the entire beard or goatee, you will need to put some loose translucent powder on top of it to keep the makeup from running or becoming easily smudged. The same technique can also be used to draw in a mustache.

3.) Death – To look like Death or simply a dead person, begin by utilizing the same white cream based foundation that is used in the creation of the modern vampire. Next, take some blue eye shadow and blend a small amount of it into the cream underneath your eyes. After this has been finished, take a black eyebrow pencil and lightly fill in the rest of the area just beneath your eyes. You can also use the pencil to highlight your cheekbones and other prominent features with some light shading. By doing this, your face will take on a more sunken, dead like appearance. Finally, top the entire makeup by brushing a loose powder on top to set the cream. Always select a color that is at least two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to help maintain the deathly pallor. Wearing all black is imperative with this costume, and if you happen to have an old cloak or cape from a previous Halloween, then you should definitely use it.

Regardless of which costume you choose, you will be able to surprise people with the quality of your economically and easily put together Halloween creation.

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