Halloween Makeup Tips Using Everyday Makeup

Halloween Makeup Tips Using Everyday Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween is a fun activity for all ages, but one of the complications that arise is the Halloween makeup. Depending on your specific costume, you might need a large amount of makeup or you might keep the makeup natural and light. Regardless of what type of Halloween makeup your costume requires, it is not necessary to pay extra money for expensive face paints or specialized makeup. Instead, it is possible to get Halloween costume looks with regular makeup you might already have in the home.

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Halloween Makeup Tips For a Variety of Looks

Pasty Vampire, Witch or Dead Flesh Skin:
The key to making any pasty-looking skin, whether you are planning a pale-faced vampire, a zombie with dead skin or a witch that only comes out at night is foundation in a shade lighter than your skin tone. For the best results, a white works for many skin tones. Geisha white or the palest ivory shade available in your local store is perfect for getting that pasty and sickly looking skin tone.

For a grey-tone, add silver colored makeup over the foundation and blend. Any silver, whether you use eye-shadow or find a silvery shade of foundation, will work.

The Eyes:

Depending on your specific costume, the eye makeup will differ. For many creatures of the night, like vampires, use black or dark grey eye shadow and smudge it over the eyelids. Line the eyes with black eyeliner that extends slightly beyond the eyes and then add mascara. Fake eyelashes are optional, but not necessary.

Fake Blood:

Many creatures require the use of fake blood for the perfect Halloween creepy touch. Whether you are a vampire adding blood on the chin, a zombie with bloody open sores or a ghost with blood showing how you died, fake blood always adds the cherry to the top of the sundae. Fake blood requires nothing more than red food coloring and corn syrup. Mix it together to get that starting to clot look. For something like a zombie, mix in some chunky peanut butter to make the look of sores.

Makeup for Devils and Temptresses:

The temptress or devil look is meant to draw attention, but not meant to look oozy or blood coated. For this look, the base foundation should remain the same. A smoky grey or silver eye shadow smudged on the eyelids will bring out the eyes. For a temptress or devil, thick and dark eyeliner and fake lashes make the eyes stand out. Finish off this look with a deep red lipstick for a tempting and sultry look.

Fun Mask:

Makeup to create a mask is a great way to liven up any costume, particularly old fashioned dresses that bring to mind a masquerade. To make a fun mask with makeup, select eye shadow such as a shimmery silver or gold. Surround your eyes on both the lid and under the eyes with the color. Cover the bridge of your nose at the middle and then line the eyes with black eyeliner. Top off the mask by drawing swirls or from the outer edge of the circle of eye shadow to your hairline with black eyeliner. This makes it look like you are wearing a delicate mask.

Regular makeup can create numerous costume touches for your Halloween treat. You do not need to spend extra money to get a stunning or shocking look.

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