How To Clean Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Obviously, women enjoy wearing and applying makeup, but when you use makeup brushes that are filled with bacteria and dirt, you put your skin at risk. Dirty brushes can also make your makeup look less than ideal. In order to achieve perfect makeup, regular brush cleaning is essential and, surprisingly, you may even need to clean them the moment you purchase them.

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The kinds of bacteria that are crawling in your makeup brushes are old makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, debris, dirt, and a variety of germs. Your makeup brushes are filled with bacteria and, without cleaning them, you are simply spreading around old germs and bacteria. In Addition, if you don’t properly clean makeup brushes, you can damage the hairs, causing them to fall out of the brush. So, let’s get cleaning!

Simple Steps On How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes.

-Use Mild Shampoo

There are brush cleaning products on the market, but in reality, all that you really need is some mild shampoo or any other soap that won’t damage the hairs of the brush. Baby shampoo is a favorite of many. Afterwards, wet all of the hairs of your brushes with lukewarm water, but make sure that the hairs of the brushes are all facing down, to avoid water overly weakening the glue at the base of the hairs. Once the brushes are a bit wet, apply the shampoo on the tips of the hairs, and the carefully massage the dirt and bacteria outwards. Rinse carefully and blot dry with paper towels.

-Plastic Trick

Once you are done cleaning all of your brushes, you can loosely apply plastic wrap or brush plastics around them so that the hairs will keep their shape. Tape the plastic around the brushes, and then face the brushes down. After a couple of hours, the water will be gone and the brushes will have retained their shape.

– How Often to Clean

In order for you to keep your makeup brushes in good shape, clean them often. Here is a rough guide:

  • The brushes you use for bronzers and face powder should be cleaned once every week.
  • Brushes for eye shadow must be cleaned every few days, or after each use if you using brushes on multiple people.
  • Foundation brushes should be cleaned once every week.
  • Clean eyeliner brushes after each use.

With the simple tips above, you will then be able to prolong the lives of your makeup brushes and keep you makeup looking clean and the shades true when you apply your makeup.


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