Eco Tools Makeup Brush Review

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Review

The best makeup brushes are usually made of natural hair or very high quality synthetic materials and tend to be expensive. But there are a few affordable brands that are sufficient for good makeup application without breaking the bank.   Eco-Tools is one of those brands. The Eco tools line of synthetic brushes tends to be pretty decent quality for its price point, which happens to be very affordable.

ecotools brushes

As a bonus, the products incorporate some environmentally friendly traits. So, if you like green products, this is a line to look at. Ecotools makeup brushes have bamboo handles with a ferule that is made from recycled aluminum. The brushes are packaged in biodegradable and a reusable sleeve.

I found the brushes quite adequate for makeup application and hair loss with them was minimal-something that can often be a problem with cheap makeup brushes. There is a good variety of eye shadow brush sizes, and the blush brush was particularly impressive. Almost everything in the line is available for under $10 and there are some cute kits and sets available.

Eco-tools also makes bath tools. You can find them at most big box retailers and some drugstores, as well as online.


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