How To Apply Mineral Makeup

How To Apply Mineral Makeup

These days, mineral makeup is becoming very popular and people are switching to this rather than settling for the traditional makeup which is much heavier.  But if you have decided to give mineral makeup a try then you may be wondering about how this makeup should be applied.  After all it is mainly made up of powder which may be completely different from your usual type of makeup especially foundation which is normally a liquid or mousse for example.  Thankfully, some mineral makeup packs come with an instructional DVD and if you do get one of these, it makes sense to use it.  If you do not automatically get one of these DVDs, then you should ask the sales person where you are buying the mineral makeup if they have one to give you or if they have instructions.  Some of these counter staff will offer you a free makeup tutorial.  You can also check online for instructional videos on websites such as YouTube.

How To Apply Mineral Makeup

how to apply mineral makeup

What You Need

Most mineral makeup sets will come with the full kit that you need to get the perfect natural look.  There are a few basic brushes that will come with your set and the foundation brush is usually the fullest brush that has firm bristles.  It normally has a short handle and is easy to recognise.  This brush is used to buff the mineral makeup into the skin in even strokes.  The brush has been designed to be easy to hold while you are carrying out this buffing technique.

You will also get a concealer brush which is great for covering up little flaws such as dark circles under the eyes or the odd pimple or spot.  This brush is typically flat with a rounded end.  The handle is normally longer which makes it easier for you to get to places that need extra coverage such as under the eyes.  You may also want to get a crease brush as this will help when applying shadow.  The more you experiment with mineral makeup, the more brushes you may want to invest in but in the beginning it is better to keep things simple.

How To Begin

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your skin before you begin to apply the mineral makeup.  You can do this by applying moisturiser or primer which will ensure that you get a much more even coverage when you apply the mineral powder.  It is best to wait a couple of minutes after prepping the skin before you start to apply the mineral makeup.

Once you are ready for your foundation, you should tap a very small amount of the powder foundation into the lid of the container and then swirl the foundation brush to collect the powder.  After you have collected the powder on the brush, you should tap it against the side of the pot to ensure you only have the required amount of powder.  Application of this powder requires a circular motion all over the face.  You should do this for about two minutes or as long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday in your head.  You can then repeat this process if you want to have more coverage.

The next step is to apply the concealer and you should pat the concealer powder onto the areas you want to cover and then buff it into the skin.  The buffing process is very important because it ensures a much more natural appearance.  Shadows can be applied in the same way until you have the look you want.  This will give you a really natural look.