How To Create Three Classic Makeup Looks

How To Create Three Classic Makeup Looks

Watching the faces of models as they strut down the catwalk can make the idea of wearing model-worthy makeup a little scary.  But there are several classic designer makeup trends that look good on nearly everyone, and you can do them yourself at home with just a little practice.  Whether you want a great date night look or simply want to update your everyday makeup, the following are three beautiful but wearable makeup trends that you will want to try:

red lipstick and nail polsih

1. The Red Lip- Red lips have been popular for years, and they are a truly timeless look that is beautiful on everyone.  The first step is finding the right red- go to a department store where you can sample different reds to find one that looks good on you. You can then buy a similar shade at a discount store if you don’t want to pay department store prices.  You will also need a lip liner in a shade that is similar to the lipstick color you pick.  Line your lips, then fill them in with the deep red shade.  Remember, lipstick looks best on moisturized lips, so be sure to keep your smile soft.  Keep the lipstick from getting on your teeth by making an “O” with your mouth, then putting your finger in your mouth and closing your lips around it.  You can also try the model trick of putting a bit of Vaseline on your teeth.  Keep the rest of your look minimal to avoid looking too made-up.

2. The Natural Look- To achieve that perfect “I’m not wearing any makeup look”, you’ll need to start with a flawless complexion.  Start with foundation, applying it lightly using a large foundation brush.  Dab a bit of concealer on any blemishes, then finish with a loose powder.  The look should be glowing, not caked on, so make sure to blend away any lines carefully.  Next, try lining your eyes with a brown liner, and then finish eyelashes with a coat of brown or black mascara.  Lips should also be neutral, try using a lip stain rather than a lipstick.  This look is beautiful for work or to wear on the weekend, and it is ideal because you can quickly intensify the look for night by adding a dramatic eye look and a few coats of mascara.

3. The Smoky Eye- Today’s smoky eye isn’t all black and white.  You can create a smoky eye with nearly any combination of eye shadow colors.  The trick lies in practicing the method for contouring your eyelids- start with a light shade from lash line to brows and blend well.  Add a darker shade over eyelids, and finish with an even darker shade in the creases of your eyes.  Looking at pictures of different smoky eye looks will help you get the technique just right.  Remember, if you are wearing a smoky eye, you will need to keep the rest of your look simple to avoid a scary, overdone face.

Trying out different makeup looks is fun, and many of the hottest trends can be incorporated into your daily makeup routine for an instant style update.  Remember that evening looks are the perfect time to really go wild with different makeup trends, so try anything from a dramatic cat’s eye to glitter and fun eye shadow looks.  No matter which makeup style you try, you will love the way a new look can make you feel.


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