12 Tips For Perfect Eye Shadow

12 Tips For Perfect Eye Shadow

how to get perfect eyeshadow

Eye Shadow is the staple of a makeup collection that accentuates the eyes and gives them depth. With the right shade and proper application your eyes can eyes can look fabulous. For achieving the best eye shadow look try these tips:


1. Choose your eye shadow keeping in mind your skin tone, complexion, hair color and eye color. On a warm skin tone, brown, gold, bronze, coral, soft green, pink etc look good. On cool or fairer skin tones, lilac, pale blue, silver, turquoise, gray and darker greens are colors which stand out.

2. It is not always important to match your eye shadow with your clothes, eye color or hair. Try contrasting shades as they are attractive and tend to grab attention more.

3. Brunettes often can carry all colors well; from the dark range of black, browns and purples to neutral tones of gold and beige to the lighter shades of green and yellow.

4. Be creative and try out various colors before your mirror. The best eye makeup happens when one is willing to be experimental and not follow strict guidelines. Trial and error is the best way to discover colors that suit you and enhance your windows to the world!  Eye shadows are available in a multitude of colors and textures like powder, cream, pencil, liquid and mousse form. The market is flooded with great brands which offer a practical range of eye makeup. Shimmer options under various brands are wonderful for party scenes and uplift the face like never before.

5. The secret to a long lasting and beautiful eye shadow is the blending technique. Eye shadow is applies in three steps, first comes a light colored base followed by the main, medium tone lid color and finished by the highlighter for the crease of the eye. Blending well using your finger or a brush does the trick.

6. For soft color, use gentle, light color strokes and for deep creases, use a heavier hand and multiple brush strokes.

7. Use good brands.  Not all shadow is created equal. Brands such as MAC, Nars, and Urban Decay are known for great pigment concentration and many shade choices. The more pigment, the better the shadow will wear and last.

Perfect eyeshadow

8. Primers or bases are important as they help set your shadow, keeping it staying on for a long time and preventing creasing. Urban Decay Primer Potion is a great choice!

9. Gold shimmer for the brow bone is a great evening or party look for the eyes.

10. Smoky eyes with dark color on the lid is enticing, but the color should be kept limited to the lid and under lower lash line. Don’t take too dark of a shade all the way up to your brow bone. Highlight there instead.

11. Contouring the crease of the eye lid with a dark shade gives good results and creates a deep set eye look. Dark shadows also work great as an eye liner. Use a press brush to push shadow along the lid to line the eyes.

12.Take care when applying shadow. Choose the right tool kit for your eyes and don’t forget to remove all eye makeup at night with an eye makeup remover. Also remember to tap off extra shadow from your brush before applying!

So ladies, time to gather compliments and party, with eyes that charm all the way.

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