5 Hot Nail Polish Colors this Christmas

5 Hot Nail Polish Colors this Christmas

With the holiday season well under way, the need for a well manicured set of fingernails is increased. With all of the holiday parties at work, family dinners, and present exchanges with friends coming up, beautiful grooming will be noticed and appreciated. Plus, following some of these hot trends for the winter 2011 season will set you apart.

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The ombre style is a very versatile one. When done with bold colors, the two tone look can be great fun for a tropical splash look in summer, but can, and should, also be tailored to fit the winter season. A few suggestions on how to make this look work are to choose darker hues, mix and match colors, and be bold. A dark green top with black base looks fantastic on longer nails, as does bright blue with black for a more startling effect.


Classic, elegant, and simple – the manicure version of a beautiful pearl necklace. Nude nails are always in fashion and give the impression of someone who is very conscientious. Nude nails are quite versatile with different fingernail lengths, so they can be worn either long or short. This light, neutral shade is convenient for outfits with more ornamentation, sparkle, or sexiness to them, as the nails will not any way detract from the garment. Neutral nails can also allow for more fun with eye or lip make up choices.


A year round standard with a subtle winter twist. Scarlet hues are very in fashion for nail polish colors this winter and look fabulous on short nails. When worn on long nails the color can be a bit overpowering so be sure to trim up if sporting this look. If wanting to get out of the dark red family, an orange red color can also be worn this season, but again, make sure to keep the fingernail length short to wear it properly.


This nail polish color has been popular all year and will continue to be so during the Christmas season. Taupe looks great on long or short nails so it provides a lot of options for its wearer. Additionally, unlike some of the other color options this season, taupe can be worn in either a glossy or matte form and still be trendy. Much like the family of nude polishes, a taupe manicure allows for more fun with color elsewhere in the outfit.

Deep, Earthy Greens and Blues

For those searching for a traditional dark look for the holidays, there is nothing hotter than the deep colors available in greens and blues. Picking a glossy shade usually helps complete this look as the light will hit the color better than in matte form. The shine also helps to distinguish the green or blue undertone to what at first glance could appear to be just plain black. This look works on short to medium length nails, but is not recommended for long nails as the dark colors can be overwhelming at that length.