Simple Steps to Do Professional Manicure at Home

Simple Steps to Do Professional Manicure at Home

Have you ever thought that the whole work that we do in a day is mostly done by our hands. And we forget to take care of those hands. Especially for those house wives who clean the house daily and whose hands come in contact of different suitable and unsuitable chemical daily.

This results in different complexions and wear & tear of your skin. Your fingernails look dead and your skin seems like that of a zombie! To overcome this issues a good manicure is must for your hands. Next would be your complains that you don’t have time to go to beauticians for manicure.

Well who said to do so? Here we are with a quick manicure treatment which can be done easily at home.

Dab a cotton pad in the nail remover and rub it over your nails whether you have nail polish or not as this helps in removing any chemicals or substance which are not visible to your naked eyes.


Take a hot water bowl and soak your fingers into it for around 5 to 10 minutes. Because of this your nails would feel softer and it would be easy for you to do the filing.


Cut your nails to your desired length and for starters cut it at a medium length.

Shape up your nails with a nail filer. If you are doing it for the first it may seem annoying. Make sure to file the nail in one direction only towards the centre. Don’t go back & forth.


After filing your nails apply cuticle oil on your fingers. If you get the OPI Avoplex cuticle oil than its best but if you don’t get it no need to worry. Olive oil or jojoba oil will do. Apply a drop on each finger and massage it clockwise and vice versa.

With care push the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. You can find it in any of the drug store. Don’t think of cutting the cuticles as they are very important base for your nails saving it from bacteria, fungus, yeast etc.

Manicure_at _Home

Rub a Q-tip on your nails to remove the leftover oil and moisture. Apply lotion on your hands leaving the nails.

Apply a clear base coat on each nail.


 After applying the base coat apply any nail colour of your choice. You should always apply the nail colour in 3 strokes. One in the centre and the other two on either side.  Apply the second coat in the same manner when the previous coat dries.


Apply a quick drying clear top coat on each nail. It will help the nail colour last longer.

This quick manicure would definitely be helpful to make your hands look the same as always giving no complexion in front of others.