How to Style Blazers

How to Style Blazers

The most versatile western wear which is not only limited to men, but also is a trendy wear for women. For men it might just be not more than casual or formal but to women it gives more of a trendy fashionable as well as sophisticated look. Hope you gals are aware what we are talking about. Yes! Of course it’s all about those blazers.

They are available in different styles and different colours. Some printed and some washed off. Depends on what type of outfit you are going to club with your outfit. Blazers are not only meant for spring wear or so but they are also preferred in winters. If you are going to club the blazer with a short skirt make a note of taking a blazer a bit lower than your waist.

Plain blazers trend

If you are thinking for having a professional look, go for simple blazers rather than those shiny and squinted ones. But in this too you have options. You can definitely play with your colour printed blazers with your outfit. Makes sure they are sober enough that it would suit your professional world. For some other occasions you can try those jazzy styled blazers but don’t overdo your outfit. If you are wearing a jazzy blazer make sure the t-shirt or shirt you are going to combine with it is plain and matches the base colour of the blazer.

Before also we had discussed about those vertical and horizontal prints. Avoid those horizontal prints that make you look fatty rather go for those vertical lines which adds a difference to your look by giving a visual of extra height. There are also different types of cut styled blazers available. If you are going a wear a blazer at a cocktail party the blazer should have a simple cut. Same way if you are having an athletic body than the cut should be a diagonal one.

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Printed blazers include designs such as floral prints, tiger prints and a lot more. Floral prints look great in bright colours while tiger prints are mostly in dual colour combination. Selection of blazer totally depends on what outfit you are going to pair with it.

So gals, get up and start filling your wardrobe with those trendy blazers this winter.