How To Avoid Fake Designer Sunglasses

How To Avoid Fake Designer Sunglasses

In today’s market, designer sunglasses can be notoriously expensive, and it’s not surprising that many people try to find a cheaper alternative, both online and in market places. With many designer frames costing well in excess of £100, it’s no surprise that bargain hunters are sucked in by counterfeit frames.

Fake designer sunglasses

In many cases, people know that they’re buying fake goods, but are happy to do so as they’re getting a product that appears very similar, but for a much cheaper price.

However, whilst it’s understandable why you might feel tempted by counterfeit goods, if you do end up buying them you’ll quickly realise why it’s a mistake. Fake products are so cheap for a very good reason; they’re not put together to a high standard, and they feature low quality materials. As a result, you’ll often find counterfeit frames break extremely easily, sometimes coming apart just from everyday use.

In addition to this, fake sunglasses simply won’t protect your eyes from the sun as they should do – particularly pertinent if you’re purchasing sunglasses for young children.

But what about when you don’t realise you’re buying fake frames? How can you spot the fake ones from the real article?

If you’re looking to avoid buying fake products, then as a general rule you shouldn’t purchase anything that seems too good to be true, particularly from market stalls. Generally, designer brands only sell their stock via official retailers and stockists on the high street, so you’ll almost never find genuine designer sunglasses in a market. You should also be extremely careful if you’re travelling abroad – don’t buy from anywhere except official licensed, branded outlets with a permanent shop.

If you’re buying online, it can be a little trickier. There are numerous retailers online that can sell designer brands at reduced prices, mainly because they have much lower overheads (as they don’t have to rent a shop, etc), so don’t be put off just because a retailer can boast low prices. If you come across a website and you’re not sure about the authenticity of the products, then there are certain things you can look for – how old is the website? Does it have any published feedback? Can you find reviews from the brand anywhere online? Do they have a phone number and physical address where you can call or visit? Are they a registered company? Do they operate a money-back guarantee or an authenticity guarantee? These are all pertinent questions, and if you can find a satisfactory answer to all of the above, then chances are you’re looking at an official stockist of genuine, branded products.

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