10 Quick Tips to Travel in Style

10 Quick Tips to Travel in Style


Whether you’re travelling abroad for a business meeting, embarking on a romantic weekend away or off on your annual holiday with your kids, you’ll want to travel in style. Here are 10 quick tips to travel in style – whatever your destination or mode of transport.

Traveling in style

Tip 1 – Tie Your Hair Up

It’s really hard to keep your hair looking immaculate when travelling. You’ll be leaning against seats whether on a train, coach or airplane and you’re likely to be exposed to the elements somewhere on your travels which are likely to leave your hair looking rather messy. It’s just not practical to travel with all your hair styling accessories so the best solution is to keep your hair neatly tied back in either a ponytail or a bun.

Tip 2 – Pack Your Lip Gloss

By applying a thin layer of lip balm or lip gloss to your lips, you will instantly freshen up your look and make yourself feel better.

Tip 3 – Take a Travel Pillow

It’s a fact that travelling is tiresome whatever mode of transport you choose but let’s face it bags under your eyes simply aren’t stylish. Invest in a travel pillow to ensure you can catch a few winks in comfort and avoid those aging dark circles.

Tip 4 – Pack a Shawl

Air conditioning, open windows and waiting in airports or on railway platforms can be chilly. A shawl is a great solution. It’s not only stylish but will also help to keep you warm whether worn around your shoulders or across your legs.


Tip 5 – Make Sure The Man In Your Life Looks Good Too

Many ladies have made the mistake of looking after their own fashion needs and assuming their partner will do the same. Make sure your partner has some great gear too, ideally designer clothes for men, whatever just make sure your partner doesn’t let you down in the fashion stakes!

Tip 6 – Buy Coordinating Luggage

The current travel trend is to have co-ordinating luggage so this season invest in a matching suitcase, cosmetics case and handbag to ensure your travel in style.

Tip 7 – Pack a Change of Clothes

There’s nothing worse than experiencing an accident while travelling that will leave you in wet or stained clothes for the rest of your journey whether caused by spilt coffee, a nose bleed, a sick child or simply sitting in chewing gum. Therefore pack a complete change of clothes in your hand luggage so you can change into them if necessary.

Tip 8 – Paint your Nails

Having painted nails instantly adds a touch of glamour to your outfit. Why not paint your nails while on the train or airplane to kill some time and add a touch of style to your look.


Tip 9 – Keep a Journal

Over recent years, keeping a journal has become extremely fashionable so make sure you pack yours in your hand luggage. It will allow you to keep a note of interesting or memorable travelling events and also help to keep you entertained whilst travelling.

Tip 10 – Wear Wedges

Flat shoes are less than glamorous but high heels simply aren’t practical when travelling. By wearing a pair of wedges, you’ll get the best of both – plus they’re extremely fashionable this season.


We hope you’ve found these quick tips helpful – enjoy your travels!