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Get Out: 7 Escape Room Tips to Help You Escape

Get Out: 7 Escape Room Tips to Help You Escape

Escape rooms are a great outing with family or friends but escaping is the challenge. Here are 7 escape room tips that will make you escape quick.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to solve a puzzle and escape, just like they do in the movies? Well, now you can do that by visiting an escape room game.

Whether you’re a woman traveling on vacation or just looking for a fun group outing, taking on an escape room can be a lot of fun. If you go into it with the right strategy, you have a much better chance of beating the room before time runs out.

Read on for our top 7 escape room tips to beat the clock.

  1. Choose Your Team Wisely

One of the best escape room tips is to choose a team that you work well with. You will need to communicate well with your team in addition to staying patient and trusting their insights. You will also be celebrating and feeling a sense of camaraderie with your teammates, so it’s important that you leave all personal issues at the door in order to avoid distractions.

  1. Remember the Backstory

One of the best escape room tips is to think of the whole thing like a movie. The backstory you receive isn’t just a gimmick, but rather a setting that can direct you towards the correct pathway of thinking. Try to think critically about how the whole plot of the escape room would naturally unfold.

  1. Stay Determined and Positive

Be sure to maintain a positive attitude throughout your whole Do Not Disturb Escape Room experience. If you get stressed or flustered, this can greatly affect your performance and cause you to lose time quickly.

  1. Listen to Your Whole Team for Escape Room Tips

One of the most important escape room tips to remember is this: don’t take over the whole process. While a go-getter leadership mentality might be what you naturally gravitate towards, it’s important to give others a chance to participate. If you take the lead and do all the talking, chances are you might miss some important insights from the other members of your team.

  1. Pay Attention to Clues

Don’t get overly cocky and try to¬†solve the whole thing yourself; the clues and escape room tips given to you by the staff are there for a reason. Be sure not to neglect them, as they can often direct you down the path to escaping the room.

  1. Watch the Clock

It’s easy to get very absorbed in your thought processes while attempting to beat an escape room. Be careful, however, as this can often lead to losing track of time.

As you go through the clues and theories of your teammates, be sure to discipline yourself to look at the clock periodically. This will help you be sure you are properly managing your time, which maximizes your chances of beating the room.

  1. Avoid Overthinking

Don’t forget one of the most important escape room tips: avoid overthinking things. If you start coming up with more and more obscure theories, there’s a good chance it’s way less complicated than you’re making it out to be. Escape rooms are supposed to be a fun challenge, not impossibly obscure for the average person.

Final Thoughts

Taking on an escape room can be a tough feat, but a rewarding one nonetheless. By keeping these escape room tips in your mind, you’re sure to maximize your chances of solving the puzzle before time runs out.

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