Is Your Personality Linked To Your Handbag?

Is Your Personality Linked To Your Handbag?

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We are being judged each day. Right or wrong, it is occurring. With that being said, you might be able to control some of such potential judgments by learning the signals you may be sending pertaining to the type of handbags you select. Very few people realize their subconscious may be guiding them to make specific purchases revealing to the world a little bit of themselves with each selection. Many people believe a person’s handbag reveals an insight to their personality.

The aesthetics of a bag are often one aspect many people take into consideration when attempting to determine the type of individual who is carrying the bag. Do you like bright colors, unique designs, or more subtle tones? Do you prefer a large bag over a small bag? Whichever bag you choose for the day may give the general public a little more information to your personality than you may anticipate. If you tend to choose bright colors you might be sending the message that you are an extrovert and approachable. People who enjoy a bag of more modest tones will be perceived as down to earth and practical, as well as the type of person is neither loud nor extreme. If you like interesting designs on your bags, you could be sending the message that you have a truly unique personality and that you enjoy being different. If you choose a bag boldly displaying a designer logo, most people presume you care greatly about how you are perceived by others and that you wish to be seen as a person of an affluent stature.

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Not only does the look of the bag reveal clues to your character, but the way you carry a bag also reveals a little something. If you wear your handbag over your shoulder, you are a person who is relaxed and at peace with themselves and their life. If you wear your bag across your body, you are mindful of your surroundings, but you remain a very relaxed individual. If you are brave enough to hold your bag in your hand, you have a heightened awareness of your surroundings at all times.

The size and organization of your bag will also send out specific messages. Regardless of how you carry your handbag, the size of the bag may also influence a stranger’s judgment. In most people’s eyes, the larger the bag the higher maintenance the person is. Similarly, the smaller the bag the lower maintenance the person is. Would you dare let another person look inside your bag? If so, you will be viewed as having nothing to hide. If you typically choose totes to carry as much as possible, yet they are highly organized, you will be seen as a put together individual.

At the end of the day, it is not the bag which defines you, but rather you define the bag. Perhaps we all take on these characteristics at varying times throughout the week or the month. Whichever your mood, it may just influence the bag you choose for the day.