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Crunchy Fashion Site Review: An Online Store for Fashion Jewellery and Trendy Handbags

Crunchy Fashion Site Review: An Online Store for Fashion Jewellery and Trendy Handbags

Hi ladies, Today I am going to review the most unique and trendy fashion jewellery store of India which is crunchyfashion.com. I have come across this website few months back. This website has amazing jewellery and handbags, I know Rakhis are very limited, but the rest range is just awesome. So isn’t it a great news for jewellery lovers? Now you can wear beautiful, unique jewellery without draining your bank account!

Crunchyfashion- Review
Crunchyfashion- Review

About Crunchyfashion Products :

Crunchyfashion.com offers stylish fashion jewellery, accessories and bags. You can find Hair Accessories, Neckless, Handbags, Anklets, Bracelets & Bangles, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings and festival specials on website www.crunchyfashion.com

Whether you are looking jewellery for a party or for day out, it’s vintage to wild collection will just make you WOW!!

What is best about Crunchyfashion:

Unusual designs – From bags to bangles, you will find that they have given personal touch to every product to make you stand-out from the crowd!

Gift Vouchers – No matter to whom you are gifting, Gift Voucher is always perfect. Agree? So this site has thizz

SALE – Sale is the girl’s most favorite word and therefore crunchyfashion always have sale. Find : crunchyfashion.com/product/special

Easy returns – I know this is very common for online sites but do they really offer you? This site does.

Below are my favourite pieces from Crunchyfashion:

Golden Touch Square Bangle Crunchyfashion
Golden Touch Square Bangle


Angel Wings Neckpiece Crunchyfashion
Angel Wings Neck Piece
Patent Neon green satchel sling bag - Crunchyfashion
Patent Neon Green Satchel Sling Bag
Aztec Print Necklace Set Crunchyfashion
Aztec Print Necklace Set
Three Flowers Hair Pin - Crunchyfashion
Three Flowers Hair Pin

I am in love with each piece and especially the Angel Wings Neck Piece !

Each piece is stylish and affordable….

That’s it for this site. Do you need more reasons to shop? I guess no 😉 😉 You can also find its product at indiebazaar.com, junglee.com, craftsvilla.com, high5store.com. So get set goo.. But don’t forget to share your experience at Myfashionandlifestyle.

Happy shopping 🙂 🙂

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