Stay Fit with Celebrities

Stay Fit with Celebrities

You must be thinking why celebrities don’t feel season…but you are wrong. They also feel summer like you.

Very well known Actress Priyanka Chopra said in one interview, even she is coming out in summer due to my movie shooting schedule. And that is the reason she relays on water based things like fruit juice, cold drinks, watermelon and last not the least water itself. Even butter milk and lemon juice make your body and mind cool.

Priyanka_Summer_FundaMoreover, she likes to wear shorts and this wish she is fulfilling in Summer. She is fully enjoying summer by wearing tees, linen loose shirt with shorts. She is always banding her hair so that they don’t affect by summer.

She always keeps sun screen lotion in her summer survival kit. She believes due to heavy sun rays, her skin may damaged and may come wrinkles so it is very necessary to apply sun protection lotion when she comes out.

She advises that never spoil your mood by this hot weather.  She also shared that if we keep smiling and if our mood will be good then we will not suffer from this weather and we will enjoy even this weather.

Actor Shreyas Talpade is also prefers to wear light or white coloured shorts like Priyanka. He wears filp flops or chappals to stay away from sweat and he does not wear accessories at all in summer.

He also advises to youth that to stay away from dehydration avoid workouts. So do Yoga or any light exercise and avoid spicy and fried food.

Famous TV start, Shweta Kawatra likes to wash her face very often. And Lisa Ray do the same thing as sweta. When she is travelling, she just wipes her face by wet tissues.

The very well known beautician Shahnaz Husain suggests to wipe the face with cold water frequently.

Lisa Ray and Rajeswari never apply makeup if they have to go out in summer. They feel to wear cotton clothing and they never go out without sun glass.

To sum up I suggest the bellow tips to follow:

  • Wash your face very often with cold water
  • Apply makeup only if you need to
  • Wear loose Cotton Clothes
  • Drink 2-3 times lemon water with honey in it in a day
  • Choose food which can digest very easily
  • Keep your hair length short and try to use herbal shampoos

What do you think? This funda will work on you? Share your view by comments.