L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation Review

L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation Review

L’Oreal’s True Match Roller Foundation has been around for over a year now.  I gave it a try when it first came out and was not overly impressed. Recently, I got another one, I think in a random gift bag. I can’t remember if it was sent by the company or was in some sort of holiday shipment, but a new one mysteriously ended up in my stack of items to review. So, I decide to give it a second try.

Loreal True Match Roller Foundation

The L’Oreal Roller Foundation is a cream foundation, pressed into a pan with a rolling foam brush applicator. The premise is that you roll the brush over the foundation and  apply it to the face use the roller. Think of it as a sort of mini paint roller. The aim with this is a streak free look, but I just can’t seem to achieve that.  I like the general formulation of the makeup OK, but the applicator just doesn’t cut it for me. Every time I use it, I ends up with steaks around my nose and eyes. Those can be smoothed out, but I would rather just use a regular sponge.

In the end, my second try was the same as the first. I’m just not thrilled with this foundation in regard to the applicator. However, when I apply it with a standard sponge, I like it just fine, so I’ll use it up that way.


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