Your Complete Guide on How to Use BB Creams

Your Complete Guide on How to Use BB Creams

In this pollution containing atmosphere, every girl wants to protect her skin and mane. Different products are available for the same. But have you ever heard about a BB CREAM? Not yet! Not to worry it’s not so common product that can is noticeable unless and until you know what it is actually and how it can be used. So today we are here to make you aware of such product.

BB-Creams-in-IndiaWhat is BB Cream

BB Cream is nothing but a Beauty Balm, developed by a German Dermatologist who wanted to have a product which can protect the skin as well as provide coverage after laser treatments. This beauty balm cream tends to hide the problem areas with a little extra skin care benefits. It works as a base to your makeup also.

This single cream promises to do work of 5 to 6 other cream. Such as moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation. This cream contains sunscreen (usually around SPF 30) along with tints to conceal flaws.

Use of BB Cream

Though BB creams cannot replace everything in your cabinet, you can add this to your regine. Whether you are going to market or any big grand party, this cream is perfect for all occasions as it can be a good replacement for your foundation. At starting, start with a pea size portion. Dab it around your problematic areas, such as dark spots, under eye dark circles or blemishes. Once you are done with the dabbing, slowly blend it in a circular motion and then use a foundation brush to cover your whole face. If you want it to last longer, give a finishing touch with a setting powder.

Limitations of BB Cream

Firstly, it is nearly impossible to cover all the benefits in one cream without causing it to become heavy and difficult to wear. Which is a drawback as wearing such heavy base can give your makeup a cakey look.

As too many ingredients can lead to acne breakouts, people with oily skin or acne prone skin cannot wear this cream easily.

Lastly, it is really hard to find a matching colour to your BB cream which results in poor coverage.

Girls, it’s easy to have so many beauty products on hand but not at all easy to wear them. So take a check before you go for any beauty products and keep your skin healthy.

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