What Your Lip Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Lip Color Says About Your Personality

Colourful lipsticks are not only to enhance your beauty but also they explain your personality. Yes, it’s true. Today we are giving you knowledge about which colour says what.

Non-colour Lip Gloss:

Girls who chose natural colour or colourless lip gloss are simple, clam, easy and honest by their nature. Their life is easy going and smooth. This type of girls is always nervous in taking responsibilities and that is why they don’t take risky tasks in their life.


Shiny Pink Lip Stick:

Most of the girls like pink colour lipstick. This colour gives you sexy and beautiful look. This colour suits to girls who are fair, bright or white. This shiny pink lipstick chooses by the ones who are romantic, lively, attractive, soft hearted and sensitive. This type of personality doesn’t do show off at all.

Brown Lipstick:

Brown colour is symbol of trust and loyal. Girls who like brown colour are strong and self confident by their nature. They can make fun very easily. They are always confident about their success, capability and knowledge.

Purple Lipstick:

As you all know…Purple is a colour of fashion…This colour is liked by the girls who are sophisticated, healthy, beautiful, self defender and reliable.

They believe in their own principles and they fight to take their right any how!

Red Lipstick:

This colour is symbol of fun, enthusiastic, hot and romance. Girls who like red colour are highly self confident. They are always ready to take challenges. They don’t expect anything from anyone to fulfil their goal and dos on their own.  Moreover, it’s very hard to make them foolish.  They are very cleaver to attract people towards them. They have power to become leader and that is why they like to lead the whole team.

Orange Lipstick:

This type of girls is highly sophisticated. They are totally dedicated to their education and career. They are very intelligent in talking and strong at the same time. These kinds of girls are always focussed. Their aims are already set and that is the reason they never give up to protect their thoughts and rights. They have good status in society and they never compromise in their rules.