The Strangest Spa Treatments

The Strangest Spa Treatments

Around the world there are many a strange treatments that different countries and cultures endorse, from the small remote villages in the far east to new contemporary treatments that have made there way into the mainstream treatments found on the high street.

Fish Pedicure


1.       Fish Pedicure

I have done this! Were other treatments not in every shopping center, hairdresser and nail salon, we might look at the treatment of having small fish known as garra rufa, also known as doctor fish, exfoliate your feet by soaking your feet in a small tank full of these fish, allowing them to just eat away the dead skin.

This treatment is slightly surreal but when you take a step back to consider the health and sanitization implications of the treatment is when it seems like a bad idea. The fish are reused, sucking on one persons feet, then as they are impossible to clean and sanitize as replacing the fish would be too expensive, you are left with fish that have been sucking on how many other people’s feet.

With that said, I have done this and liked it. My feet were super exfoliated after!

2.       Israel Snakes

Tension in your back and shoulders? Forget the Swedish massage to relieve it, a spa treatment centre just north of Tel Aviv will place several non-venomous California and Florida snakes on your back. The slithering up and down the back is reported to help with stress and tension in the back.

3.       Golden Facial

Cleopatra and the Ch’ing dynasty are just a couple of the ambassadors for using gold to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. A Japanese beauty company have developed a 24-karat gold facial treatment, to many positive reviews and endorsements from health officials around the globe. Expect it to cost you a fair amount though.

4.       Cactus Massage

Mexico’s most famous flora has also been utilized into one of the country’s most effective treatment of rehydrating and detoxifying your skin. It is common knowledge that cacti have the sharp prickles to defend their precious insides. Cactus meringue and cactus blossom, massaged in by prick free cactus paddles is the treatment. Cactus overload, but Mexicans have been using this for many years and is a favored treatment in the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.

5.       Wet Hay Wrap

The smell of wet hay isn’t something you particularly associate with detoxifying yourself, but the notion of body wrap treatments get pushed further, where you will be soaking in a water bed heated to 100F degrees and wrapped in hay harvested from the beautiful meadows of Alpe di Siusi. With claims that it fortifies your immune system and stimulates your metabolism, many people, including Victoria Beckham, have taken part in this treatment.

These treatments, while they probably have some positive effects on the body, they aren’t quite as tried and tested as other treatments that have been around for a millennia.


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