Stop Going Through My Purse, Dude!

Stop Going Through My Purse, Dude!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “Stop going through my purse, dude!” It’s always the same story; I’m busy in the other room, and when I come back to where I left my purse, there you are; digging through it like a kid looking for candy. When I ask you why you are in my purse, you tell me that you were looking for a pen. A pen? Yeah, my purse is sitting on the desk that has a drawer full of pens, but the only place you can find a pen is in my purse.

annoyed woman

Digging through a woman’s purse is such an invasion of privacy. It would be the same as taking your wallet out of your pocket and sorting through every slot and hidden fold to see what you carry around in it. Would you want me to see the little folded pieces of paper that you have tucked in behind your credit cards? There are just some things that you shouldn’t do; you shouldn’t go through my purse and I shouldn’t go through your wallet!

If you need something that I might have in my purse, please just ask me and I will gladly hand it over to you if I have what you are looking for. My purse, however, is private. While I’m not usually trying to hide anything from you, I carry some cherished possessions in my purse, and I also have things that are simply personal to me, and aren’t meant for anyone else to see.

When I find you searching through my purse, I think that you might be suspicious of me or that I am trying to keep a secret from you. Please trust me, because after all, if I was hiding something from you, I probably wouldn’t keep any evidence in my purse. If you are suspicious of me for something, it makes me wonder what kind of secrets YOU are keeping from me. I’m just thinking about this because I don’t believe I did anything to raise your suspicions about me.

Please respect me and my privacy. I try to be an open book for you, but there are just “girl things” that you don’t need to know about. These girl things are nothing that you need to be concerned about, and nothing that will harm you. If you look in my purse and find my journal, please respect my privacy and put it back without opening it and browsing through it’s pages. Don’t open any folded pieces of paper you may come across, or read my datebook. If you need to know my schedule, just ask and I will let you know when I’m available.

Finally and foremost, if you find a cell phone when you search the contents of my purse, please don’t read my recent call log or my text message list. Don’t check my phone book for mystery names and numbers. Just don’t touch it at all; even if it rings, just let it ring and don’t answer it. I will do the same for you.

Please just remember that my purse is a personal part of me. Please don’t go through it without my permission. If you follow this one simple rule we can both be happy.