L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm

L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm

L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm If you like MAC Tendertones (read review) and would like a similar drugstore product, take a look at L’Oreal HiP (high intensity pigments) Jelly Balm.

This pot balm gives a light to fairly intense tint, depending on the shade, and great shine, all in a moisturizing jelly balm. They look great, and are a bit easier to obtain than the MAC tendertones.

Unlike tendertones, which have a nice flavor, L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm is unscented and unflavored. That may be a plus or a minus for some people depending on their tastes.

I love the one that I purchased in a light berry pink shade, and will likely buy more! You can find them at most drugstores and big box retailers.

Update: I am told that at least some of these are scented/flavored. I don’t really note any in the one I bought though.

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