MAC Tendertones

TenderTones_glosses_72This summer, MAC brings back its limited edition Tendertones  lip balms. If buy just one limited edition lip item this year, I recommend that it be one of these!Tendertones are pot lip balms with SPF 12. The balm is on the glossy side, with a bit of tint and a moisturizing, glossy sheen. They taste terrific too–we are talking seriously terrific here!

I like to think of these as more of a pot gloss than a balm, but with all of the benefits a lip balm can provide. That makes them perfect for wearing out on summer days when SPF is ideal, but you want your lips to show some shine and color.

Grab a few Tendertones while you can, otherwise you could end up like I did last year: missing out and wishing in hindsight that you had bought some!   

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  1. I love these so much! They’re so moisturizing and they really make my lips look amazing. I want to buy them all! :)

  2. Carleenp says:

    I’m so with you Jamie! If only I had more money!


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