How To Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

How To Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

When you have Gold Jewelry, it’s very important to take care and use very carefully. Gold is mostly wear on special occasion like Marriages, Engagements and other landmarks in one’s life.  If you have gold jewelry since long time, you have to use properly and take care of it. Here are some tips to take care of it.

Take Care Of Your Jewelry

– Avoid wearing gold at all the time and specially do not wear when you take bath and at sleeping time

– Always keep gold in smooth material jewelry box. Hard box or pouches will make minor scratches on it. Also if you are keeping more than one gold jewelry in a same box, its better you wrap each jewelry in different tissue paper.

– Do not wear jewelry when you go for outing where you find water like beaches or water falls or swimming pools. It causing it to lose its shine as well as turn out to be rough.

– It is a wise idea to take a look at your jewelry once in a year even if you are not wearing them. Try to clean them if they look dull but do not clean your jewelry on your own. Jeweler is the best person who can clean with proper cautions.