Say Cheese! Five Cosmetic Treatments That Can Raise A Smile

Say Cheese! Five Cosmetic Treatments That Can Raise A Smile

Ask anyone what the first thing they notice about someone when they meet for the first time is, and it’s likely their smile will rank pretty highly. And this is as much for human reasons we can’t control as a curiosity about the state of their mouth – we look at people’s mouths when they talk to us to help us work out what they’re saying.

So if your teeth have seen better, whiter, straighter days, you may decide to look into cosmetic dentistry to achieve the dream smile you’ve always craved.

white teeth

Here’s five treatments you could consider:

Teeth straightening
Sadly, teeth rarely grown as straight as we’d like – a whole host of factors, from whether we were given dummies as children to natural crookedness, can affect the shape of our teeth. Invisalign, also known as clear braces, is a transparent alternative to traditional braces, which uses see-through plastic aligners to straighten the teeth.

Dental implants
Nothing looks more obvious than a missing tooth, especially if it’s around the front of the mouth. Dental implants are one of the most natural solutions for missing teeth, as they don’t move around the mouth or irritate the gums like dentures can. With a full mouth of teeth, you’ll feel much more confident about your smile.

Dental veneers
If you’ve got broken or uneven teeth and close gaps, your smile can look pretty unsightly. However, veneers can be matched to your existing teeth to create a completely natural look, while also giving you a whiter smile in the process. The fact that veneers are a permanent solution that are hard to stain means you’ll be given a sparkling smile for years to come.

Teeth whitening
Teeth can become discoloured for a whole range of reasons, from smoking to things in your diet such as red wine, coffee and tea. The natural ageing process can be a factor, something we all have to go through. Teeth whitening restores the natural radiance to your smile, using a whitening gel which is applied using a blue light. This quick and easy procedure takes no longer than an hour, making it perfect for slotting into a lunchbreak.

Chin implants
Of course, sorting out your teeth is rarely the end of the story. You may also want to correct other parts of the face nearby, such as your chin, to create a more defined jawline.