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Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

I first became hooked on Urban Decay products after receiving one of their palettes as a gift. I quickly became hooked on the quality of the products. I have tried many luxury and department store-quality eye shadow palettes in the past, but none have given me the high impact color and staying power that Urban Decay eyeshadows have to offer. I really fell in love with the Urban Decay products, however, after I purchased the Vice palette.

Urban Decay Vice

Urban Decay’s Vice palette features 20 of the hottest shades, from the glittering copper tones of “Penny Lane” to the tranquil turquoise of “Unhinged” and the soft glittery peach of “Provocateur.” The shades can compliment each other or stand alone in a sweep of color.

Each of the shades delivers saturated color that blends easily with the other eyeshadows, making professional-quality eye effects a snap. Whether you prefer bold and bright effects or a soft accent of color, the Urban Decay Vice palette can offer what you need. Sweep on a lot of color for dramatic effects or add a soft layer for a subtle look.
Best of all, even those who tend to be heavy-handed with their eyeshadow will find that a little of the Urban Decay eyeshadow goes a long way. You do not need to load this eyeshadow onto your eyelids to achieve a bold effect. As a result, the Vice palette will last you for months or even years if you care to keep eye makeup for that long.

The Vice Palette is housed in a durable plum-colored plastic casing with a jewel-like “UD” logo on the front. The casing features a push-button closure so it will not snap open when handled or even when dropped. The lid contains a large, sturdy polished metal mirror so you can fix your makeup even on the go.

A soft-bristled, double-ended brush is included in the case. The brush is useful for adding a high-intensity burst of color but because the bristles are very soft and not angles, I found it difficult to create shading or contour effects with it. If your brushes are an important part of your makeup application or if you prefer a softer look, you may want to use your own brush rather than this one.
If you appreciate bold and metallic colors, the Vice palette may be all that you need. The twenty colors can be used to create countless effects and looks. However, the colors also blend well with shades from other Urban Decay palettes, such as the Smoked palette, or either of the Naked palettes.

The Urban Decay Vice palette is not inexpensive. You will not find this palette for drug store prices. However, the quality of the product and the uniqueness of the colors will more than make up for the cost.


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