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Sweater Trend for Winter 2014 – The Sweater Dress

Sweater Trend for Winter 2014 – The Sweater Dress

Winter is just arrived and you must be wondering how to avoid those boring woollen clothes which hide your perfect dress behind them.  Do you really feel the same as we do ??? But afraid of feeling those cold windy waves across your skin. Well we have solutions to almost all your problems which go with today’s fashion and trends as well.

Winter Sweater Dress

Sweater Dresses

Ever thought of wearing those sweaters as your main apparel? Or have not heard about it yet? Ohh you are not going with trends this season than. Winter dress is one of the best examples for that fun and stylish wears for winter.  Sweater dresses are very versatile and has a wide range to choose from. It comes in various patterns, colours and even materials. It’s a versatile piece which can be worn in so many different ways.

One of the hottest trends for this season is the Jacquard dress or you can have one from the classic cowl neck dress or a tunic style sweater dress giving you a casual trendy look. Becomes a perfect dress when it is worn with pair of tights or leggings and with accessories that goes with it. They are quite easy to carry and are adaptable for in office as well as cocktail party or casual movie date! For those who are looking to give it a sophisticated and professional look go for neutral colours. Team the outfit with dark coloured pair of tights and it would add zing to your look and for classier look add scarves to your outfit.

There are many other types of sweaters too that go in and out of trends but are good for casual wearings.

Sweater Styles That Go In and Out

Oversized Sweaters

Want to wear something comfy with those sleek skinny jeans and pair of boots, then definitely this is the perfect kind of wear. Giving you a cosy, comfy and casual look.Oversized Sweaters Trend


Giving you a relaxed and versatile feeling this kind of sweaters feature a draped neckline which boasts a hint of glamour while it is wrapped around your arms.Shrug winter style

Knitted Cape

Wrap yourself in a cosy sensation which makes you stand out of others giving you a totally different look. You can wear it under your favourite blazer or all by its own.

Knitted Cape sweaters

V –Neck Sweaters

Business meetings and other formal environments call for a more refined look. These sweaters are mainly for those who want to have formal look and v-neck are universal in corporate world.

V –Neck Sweater Trend

Crew Neck Sweaters

As goes the name so goes the look. These sweaters are recognized by the full circular collar which is originally worn by rowing, boating and crew members. So that is what has given it, its name.


Girls, this winter suit yourself with the best comfy look with those woollen apparels which are hot in trends.

Image Courtesy: typepad, getprice, dig, asos, Flipkart

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