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Tips For Getting Your Babies To Sleep

Tips For Getting Your Babies To Sleep

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby. Sure, you had to carry them for nine months, but when they finally arrive and are in your arms for the first time you are going to experience feelings that words can’t describe. Of course, those first few months are going to be tough. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping patterns. Your baby will have you up in the middle of the day, during the day, and all manner of weird hours. With the following tips, you might be able to find a reprieve. 

The Swaddle Effect 

Most new mothers don’t really know that from birth to about age four or five your child is going to possess what is known as the startle reflex. This reflex makes the child feel as if they are falling. The sensation can cause jerking movements, which will immediately wake the baby from their sleep. Well, there is a way to combat this by keeping the child tightly swaddled. When swaddled it will prevent the child from startling itself awake. When your child can get their arms out and roll over they will automatically shed this reflex. 

Take Advantage Of Technology 

In this technological age, there is now technology available for everything. And, you might even be surprised to learn that there are a variety of sleep technologies available that can help your child sleep. One excellent sleep aid for babies is the Glow Dreaming. Glow Dreaming is a humidifier that has been uniquely designed to emit cool mist technology that eases your baby’s breathing while preventing snoring. It also can stop the spread of airborne viruses. The device also emits a pink noise that has been scientifically proven to enhance brain activity that is associated with the deep phases of sleep. 

Reduce Nap Times 

It can be extremely hard to wake a sleeping baby. This is especially true during those first few months. Well, letting your child sleep during the day for extended hours is going to rob their nighttime sleep. You should never let your baby nap longer than two to two and a half hours during the day. Wake him up, feed him, and try to keep him awake for a little while before letting him lay back down. Breaking up the nap into different increments during the day will increase the potential for better nighttime sleep. 

Get A Routine Down 

It is highly known and proven that babies thrive on routine, structure, and predictability. Creating a set routine for your baby will help bring order to their very chaotic life. Developing a sound routine will work for both naptime and at night sleep. Bring the baby into his or her room, place them in the sleep sack or wearable blanket, turn on the white noise machine, sing him a song, give him few cuddles, and lay him down for sleep. A routine like this or something similar will help keep your baby grounded. Following the same routine on a daily basis will cue your baby that it is time for him or her to sleep.