Style the Trend: Digital Prints Saree

Style the Trend: Digital Prints Saree

Today the world has become digitized, no matter in whatever field we are or in whatever place we are. In some or the other way we have been associated to that digital world. Yes! Gals don’t get shocked we are writing this because this digital thing has been its place in the world of fashion too. Yes, today I am talking about Digital

Digital prints are the latest patterns ruling the world of fashion. These prints can be seen mostly on sarees and are its a new way to wear in any occasion. Though some of us would be crazy for those hand printed sarees, at some point they may get disappointed due to the limitations on the designs available as well as the prices. While for Digital prints there are n number of varieties available in the market with various materials. So, girlz this print proves there is no limitation of the imagination…

How to Style Digital Prints Saree

Digital print sareesGenerally these digital prints are done on faux fabric or georgette. This fabric is loose in material and adds elegance to the contours of your body. There are other fabrics also which include crepe, silk and cotton on which these digital prints are done. Gone are the trends of those two colour printed sarees wherein you can actually see that those colours are not merging but have got some defects while being printed. Now is the trend for those continuous designs with different embroideries done on the same.

These prints never fade or lose any colour of it. They are considered as evergreen in the urban market. Mostly those floral prints, animal prints, abstract prints, multicoloured prints are seen in trend nowadays. You can even find those 80’s polka dot sarees in stores.  These sarees can be worn by anyone no matter of those petite body shape or those lean ones. For those heavy bodied I would suggest to go for dark shades. Mostly these designs come in the colours of pink, blue, black, white, yellow, green and multicolour.

These sarees can be clubbed with any kind of jewellery depending on its prints. Don’t get worried about blouse designs with this print. You can definitely go for those necklines which you have imagined to be worn! Last but not the least ladies…. don’t forget that elegant touch of the accessories.

Get up and get your shade and give your most elegant looks on any occasion…

Image Source: Trendland