Simple and Easy Tips for Daily Feet Care

Simple and Easy Tips for Daily Feet Care

Though dependent on our feet, they are always the last to get noticed for being taken care of. Slightest of damage to it directly starts affecting our mobility. At initial stage those cracks, fallen arches, fungal infections or even those damaged bones does not matter to us but as age takes over us, they become our biggest weakness.

To help the skin, bones and muscles function in a healthy manner, simple daily regimen/routine needs to be followed. Some of the basics are highlighted below which would help keep your feet healthy.

Feet_CareWear comfortable shoes

GO for the perfect fitting shoes for your feet rather than going for trends. Do not over look the size of your shoes as small size will give you hammer toe, ingrown toenails, corns and foot pain.

Whereby overly sized shoes will cause blisters and sore heels as your heels do not get placed at perfect point in the overly sized shoes. Avoid going for those trendy and attractive high heels as they do damage your bones and muscles. Find some comfortable pair of floaters or sneakers for daily wear.

Try to have at least two pairs of shoes so that you can avoid foot sweat which results in fungal infection.

Go for walk

Every muscle of your body needs exercise, even your feet muscles too. Go for a walk daily, either it might a long one or a small walk. This keeps your muscles firm and our tendons flexible. Foot massage is also a good option for keeping your feet light and healthy. It is preferable to take a walk on grass or sand as it will work as soft pad for it.

Keep your Feet Clean

Most of us though believe in utmost cleanliness of body and surroundings, neglect keeping our feet clean. As your feet are all day trapped in your shoes, it generates sweat and moisture which provides fertile area to bacteria and fungus to penetrate further on your body. Not washing of the feet leads to bad odour and fungal infections.

There is no need for any special foot wash to be used to do so. In fact it’s very simple to follow. Wash your feet daily during shower. Whenever you come outside make a note to wash your feet thoroughly and dry them which prevents the cornered moisture.

Moisturize your feet

Although we have asked you to keep your feet dry, we are asking to keep it moisture too. Don’t get confused. Your feet face daily wear and tear which results in to cracks and dead skin of your feet. We would suggest to lotion apply to your feet which contains cocoa butter in it. We recommend you to do it every morning and if you are thinking to go for night moisturizing than we suggest covering your feet with socks as soon as you are done applying cocoa butter. This helps in keep your feet more mmoisturized

Try to keep on your socks whenever you move out. As now you all have those simple and easy ways to care for your feet, what are you waiting for?