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Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Happy and Healthy This Winter

Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Happy and Healthy This Winter

Missing that dewy and glowing skin of summer? Or afraid of those harsh winds which are going to dry your skin and make you look dull and untidy? Your live skin would almost start looking dead in winters if proper skin care is not taken into account.

To help you to maintain your skin lustre and supple skin we are providing you with the following tips,


Get a facial done. Start the new season with a clean slate. As season changes so does the skin too. While an aesthetician can help ease the transition. This helps in cold weather skin care to be more effective.

Always keep your skins moist using moisturisers so that your skin does not look dry or dull. Cleansers that you use to remove your make up, removes moisture from your skin which creates problems during winter.

Moisture your skin throughout the day, if required use your moisturizing cream twice a day. Always try to apply your moisturizing cream before you leave from shower soon after you rinsing your body wash.

Go for a shower with Luke warm water and avoid hot water shower as this may inflict damage to your dry skin.

Avoid using those skin or hair products which contain alcoholic content in them. At first they would provide you cool feeling when the alcohol evaporates but with it, it also takes away the moisture from your skin.

When it comes to hair dressing and you are already dealing with those rough and brittle hairs, avoid the use of hair dryer. Dry your hair using towel. If it’s so much of necessary to use the hair dryer than limit its usage.

One of the biggest problems is the rough-hewn lips. Always use lip balm having at least SPF 15 and also having anti agents. You can also go for lip balms made from tea tree oil which helps in healing those painful cracks.

Winter care for hands, feet, knees and elbow also needs to be taken into account. Use the products containing shea butter, petroleum, mineral oil, tea tree oil or even glycerine.

Do you know, hair care is as important as skin care in winter? Find winter hair care tips in our earlier post .

So give those wintery winds hard time by following these tips and have a healthy skin even in winters.

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