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10 Travel Essentials for Women in 2019

10 Travel Essentials for Women in 2019

If you’re a globetrotting female ready to hit the road in 2019, make sure you’ve packed these awesome travel essentials for women.

53% of millennial women have either already traveled alone or would be willing to do so.

More than ever, women feel a compelling need to experience the world, engage with different cultures and meet new people.

We feel excited when we book our flights, hotels, and transportation. But, the week before our trip we may start to notice our excitement is replaced by slight twinges of anxiety.

As women, we have even more items to consider packing. What should I bring? Will I have enough room for it all?

Planning what to pack in advance can help to calm your nerves by making you feel more prepared.

So, what items absolutely belong on your checklist as a female traveler?

Read on to discover all the travel essentials for women.

  1. A Multi-Use Wallet

Ditch the purse. Yep, that’s right, leave your purse at home.

A purse is just another item you’ll definitely need to keep track of 24/7. Purses are easily misplaced or stolen, and since you’ll be in a foreign country you simply can’t take this risk.

Opt instead for a multi-use wallet. A multi-purpose wallet will be able to hold your passport, cash, ID cards, and credit cards, such as Scotiabank passport visa. It also is capable of holding your cell phone should you decide to take bring it along.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a multi-use wallet is how easily it will fit comfortably in your pocket or around your neck.

  1. A Personal Alarm

Since you won’t be able to take any weapons on a plane such as a pocket knife or mace, opt instead for a personal alarm. Personal alarm systems should fit easily in your pocket. Some even come as bracelets to wear or keychains which you can easily attach to your multi-use wallet or backpack.

These alarms are easily activated by the push of a button or by pulling a string or pin.

  1. Filter Water Bottle

Some foreign countries’ water is either foul tasting or simply can’t be consumed due to health risks. Before traveling to a foreign country, research their water quality to see where their water quality falls on the health spectrum.

It’s also important to stay hydrated on your trip as you’ll likely be walking more than normal. If it’s a hotter climate then also expect to sweat more too.

To combat foul-tasting water and dehydration, bring along a water bottle with a built-in filtration system.

  1. Clothing Items 

It’s essential to bring at least one nice outfit, such as a long dress, in case you want to visit places which require formal attire, such as a church. Your nice outfit should cover your legs, arms, and toes.

Also, bring at least one pair of underwear and socks for each day you’ll be on vacation. Other clothing items are easily worn more than once, but underwear and socks, not so much.

For the rest of your clothing items, opt to bring a casual outfit for at least half the days you plan on being on vacation. So, if your trip is for two weeks, pack seven casual outfits.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do a load of laundry halfway through, but if not you’ll only have to wear the same outfit twice. And, you can also wash your clothes in the tub and hang dry them if all else fails.

  1. Feminine Products

A vast majority of women have a period, so before you go on a long trip you’ll also need to prepare for this monthly occurrence.

Many female travelers opt for reusable feminine products. However, tampons are relatively small and easy-to-carry as well. So, if you have space, opt for your favorite feminine hygiene product.

The important part is to plan for your period in advance before your big trip!

  1. A Journal 

Before you go on your big trip, make a point to purchase a new journal. You’ll be experiencing a new country, and looking back on your experiences in your journal will be invaluable.

Having a pen and paper with you can also help with practical tasks such as jotting down an address or trying to speak with someone who doesn’t speak English.

  1. Toiletries

The smaller the better when it comes to toiletries! It’s tempting to bring the whole bottle, but when everything is in your suitcase it may be over the 50 lb limit. Not to mention, it will also be a pain to lug around.

So, whatever face wash, sunscreen, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner you fancy store it in small bottles. You can also purchase many of your favorite items in travel-size containers.

  1. A Razor

Pack a good razor for your trip and store it in your toiletries bag. Razors abroad may be harder to find or more expensive in general, so make sure to bring one along with you.

  1. Small First Aid Kit

We never know what will happen on a trip. This is part of the fun, but can also be a part of the stress. So, just in case, pack a small first aid kit with pain reliever, band-aids, a cold pack, and other medication you may use.

  1. A Towel

If you’re staying at a hotel, then towels shouldn’t be a concern. But, if you’re camping or staying in a hostel then you should definitely bring one.

Ladies who are also planning on going to the beach or swimming in a pool should also bring a fast-drying towel for the occasion. It’s no fun traveling in wet clothes with a wet towel wrapped around you.

Travel Essentials for Women: Packing It All In 

Want to know the most important travel essential women should bring on their trip? A sense of adventure. Because life is beautiful.

These travel essentials for women provide a basic template for packing for a trip. Always adjust these items based on the length of the trip, type of trip, and the climate and customs of the country you’re visiting.

If you want to travel in style for your next trip, check out our blog post to learn how.