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5 Timeless Wardrobe Staples

5 Timeless Wardrobe Staples

wardrobe staples

Do you feel like your closet requires frequent updating to stay on-trend? It could be that you’re missing a few staple items that never go out of style. Paired with bold accessories that show off your style, these 5 classic items can provide the fashion edge you’re looking for without breaking the bank every season.

Flats, Flats, and More Flats
They come in a dizzying array of styles, and are typically affordable enough that you can snatch several pairs for the price of one posh set of heels. The best part of flats? You can jazz up a pair of jeans, dress down an evening gown, or add a pop of color to a simple ensemble. Wear them to work, to a party, with trouser socks, or completely nude: the possibilities are endless with flats, so don’t feel guilty snatching up a pair…or three.

Classic Cocktail Dress
This timeless “date night” piece should not be missing from any woman’s closet. Choose a simple black dress and you’ll be rewarded with versatility; let your style shine with bold, colorful pumps and handbag, or keep it classic with elegant jewelry. The great thing about a classic cocktail dress: you can change the look with whatever accessories you love this season, but the dress itself will always be in vogue.

Waist-High Pencil Skirt
Nothing says “classic” like a 2-piece ensemble with a waist-hugging skirt and flirty silk blouse. Paired with a tailored blazer, it’s the quintessential interview piece—or you can leave the coat behind for a professional everyday look. Pencil skirts come in a variety of colors, but you’ll get the most out of a charcoal, black, or brown piece for starters. The best friend of a pencil skirt is a classic pair of pumps, so don’t forget to snatch up a pair to match or add a color “pop” to your new skirt.

Timeless Trench

Outlasting decades of diverse style—yet somehow matching each one—the trench coat is apparently never going out of style. It gives fashionistas a reason to rejoice for winter (unless they’re in a warm climate, then it gives them a reason to be jealous). It’s a coat that goes with everything, and still stands out as a chic piece. The most classic look is the khaki-colored trench, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other hues.

Bootcut Denim Jeans
The decades have done some crazy things to jeans—flaring out the bottoms until you couldn’t see your feet, adding elastic bands to waist (hello, mom jeans!), and most recently tearing them to shreds. If you’re looking for a staple that will always look good and never go out of style, invest in a pair of dark bootcut denim jeans. Beware of bargain jeans—jeans should be viewed as an investment (you’ll wear them a lot more than that off-the-shoulder dress you paid an arm and a leg for), so don’t be afraid to pay more for a great-fitting pair of blues.

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