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5 Valentines Day Nail Polish Ideas

5 Valentines Day Nail Polish Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up and no matter if you have a special date or if you just want to have some fun with your style, a good place to begin is at your fingertips. Get inspired by the colors and themes of Valentine’s Day for your next manicure. There are thousands of looks out there, but here are a few ideas.

Valentines day nail art

1. Reds
One of the first colors to come to mind when you think Valentines Day is Red, of course. It’s the color of roses, hearts, a symbol of passion and a stunning color that anybody can pull off. There’s an array of reds to choose from, from ones with blue undertones to fiery orange-reds. Certain shades will look best depending on if you have cool or warm undertones. Cool or blue-reds look best on people with cool undertones and red-oranges look best on those with warm undertones. When you find the right red that’s right for you, it’ll pop against your skin.

Valentines Day Red Nail Polish

2. Pinks
Sweet, girly pinks are another fun color for Valentine’s Day. They’re always flirty and can range from a darling ballet slipper shade to a punchy fuchsia. Light pink would be great for a romantic date in the park whereas its bolder cousin would look amazing for a fun night out on the town. Keep nails filed short when wearing hot pink since the color is so bold already. Coral-pinks can be another fun way to decorate your fingers for Valentine’s Day.

3. White
White nails are striking, modern and unusual. They’re great for Valentine’s Day and the winter season in general. You can go for a brilliant snow white or white mixed with a nice silver or gold shimmer. A French manicure is a classy look to consider that always looks good with white. Since a solid white nail is so striking, keep the length short. Anybody can pull this color off.

4. Glitter
Whether it’s tiny, big and chunky or even shaped like hearts for Valentine’s, glitter is a fun way to punch up your nails. You’ll want to go for something in the pink or red family to stay in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Try festive heart shaped glitter for a cute holiday look. You might even want to try applying one heart and leaving the rest of the nail a pale color or even clear. Get even more creative with glittery polish by doing a shimmery French manicure or maybe even stripes.

Pink gemstone nail art

5. Nail Art
One trend that’s very popular right now is kiwai nail art. This trend comes from Japan and uses acrylic nails as well as clay and various materials to get a unique look. Nail artists can sculpt hearts for Valentine’s Day out of the gel or Fimo clay they’re using as well as an array of other shapes. If you don’t have the time or money to get a professional manicure you can always paint your own designs with fine brushes that can easily be found in craft and beauty supply stores. For example, paint the base of the nail pink then paint on a deep red heart, Cupid’s arrow or some angel wings. Get creative and have fun. Lack time? Look for nail stickers and press on art at your local drugstore.

Overall, be imaginative with your Valentine’s Day manicure. It’s a great holiday to get playful and try designs that you might not normally wear. Have fun with the colors and let everybody know that your fingertips are holiday themed by sporting pinks, reds, or some of the other colors that have been suggested.