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5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Let’s face it – the shoe habits of women are quite different than the shoe habits of guys. Many guys can live with a good pair of work boots, sneakers, and dress shoes. But for girls…three pairs of shoes doesn’t even scratch the surface.

And just to prove it, we’re going to go through 5 basic pairs of shoes that every woman should have in their closet, no matter the season.


There are two types of shoes that I would seriously recommend be in any girl’s closet – ballet flats and canvas shoes (be they Converse or otherwise).

Casual Flats

Ballet flats are a great way to still look chic and actually feel comfortable. While some of us are comfortable living our lives in sky-high heels, the majority of us…well, aren’t. The paragon of ballet flats, Chanel flats, with their quilted leather, are timeless, gorgeous, and quite pricey.

There are, of course, many, many, less pricey alternatives, but the Chanel flats epitomize what you want to look for in ballet flats – simple elegance (and the ability to run around as much as you want without stopping due to aching feet, or tripping over the sidewalk because of a lack of coordination…).

And then for the more slouchy casual urban style – or for those who just like the look, there is the classic canvas sneaker – Converse (or Chucks, whatever your name for them) or otherwise. The great thing about Converse, especially, is that it’s actually pretty difficult to go wrong with them…and it’s expected that they will be dirty and grungy. In fact, when I get a new pair of Converse, I find it difficult to wear them out anywhere before I’ve scuffed them up a little bit. They’re too white and bright and new when you first get them – and how many shoes can you say look better a little dirty?

Sky High

There are 3 pairs of heels that I recommend that every woman have in their closet – the bare essentials, that is – black, nude and awesome.

Black heels because they can translate well from day to evening and season to season, they are the ultimate classic heel. It’s really, really, astronomically difficult to go wrong with a pair of black heels.

It’s actually pretty much the same with nude heels – both black and nude are neutrals when it comes to your wardrobe. Nude heels usually add a touch bit more of class and polish to an outfit than black heels. Sometimes (mind you, not all of the time), sometimes, a black heel – depending on height and style – can look a little…hoochie.

And then for the “awesome.” These heels should be the ones that make you smile whenever you wear them – heck, whenever you see them in your closet. Whether they’re sky high and sparkly or red and velvety…you own the room whenever you walk in with these heels on. Own it!