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Patterned Leggings – Hottest Fashion Trends

Patterned Leggings – Hottest Fashion Trends

From those bell bottom pants to those skin tight jeans, fashion has changed a lot in a decade and yet more to see. Nowadays having jeans in your wardrobe is a normal thing but not having leggings or jeggings is a big deal. Be it those shiny ones or those wet looking leggings, they go with any outfit you select.

Patterned Leggings

Available in different materials and types, these outfits have almost won the cards over those jeans. More affordable and comfortable than those jeans for which you spend thousands bucks. As came the fashion of those crushed material and all in the jeans, in leggings and jeggings came the fashion of patterned material. Don’t get shocked gals, its true printed is in nowadays.

Stylist Patterned Leggings

There are many kinds of them available, black & white, dotted one, tiger print, colour splashed, two colour and many more. As they are neither jeans nor tights you need to match them with proper top or kurti to get the best of you. You can combine your leggings with short dresses which flatter your legs or those long shirts which gives you a casual look and a comfy feel.

If you are one of them who do not like wearing bold colours, you can definitely go with those sober looking colours too in these prints.  Always try to maintain a balance of colours while wearing these patterned leggings with any coloured top. Try to combine a solid coloured top with a printed jeggings, with some flat footwear. It would just add a business look to your styling. Consider your accessories too while selecting such outfit. If you are wearing really bold colours try to limit your accessories to something minimal and not those heavy and glittery stuffs.

Printed Leggings

Don’t misunderstand jeggings as jeans. Make sure that if you combine any dress with jeggings they should be long enough to pass your buttocks. Wearing short types with this material means tops that are atleast above your knee length or a bit more above can be considered. Leggings look the best when worn with cardigan style tops. Even if you have a one piece and want to try a different look you can wear plain leggings with the same and win the cards.

So gals, don’t just keep reading get up and grab your print. Don’t forget to write about your new styling to us 😉

Cashmere Leggings

Cashmere Leggings

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