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Unforgettable Vintage Hairstyles

Unforgettable Vintage Hairstyles

These iconic vintage hairstyles that I’m about to go through with you are going to make you want to call up your salon, and make a hair appointment right now! Vintage hairstyles from the 20, 40′, 50’s and on up!

vintage hairstyles

The bob has been voted the most popular hairstyle of all time. The bob cut is a short haircut for women, in which the hair is usually cut straight around the woman’s head at about jaw-level.  Typically when you see someone sporting a bob haircut, they have bangs in the front to go along with it. The bob cut was popular in the 1920’s & the 1960’s, & has even come back recently. Look to Katie Holmes, or Selma Blair for modern-day bob followers.

The pixie crop haircut is timeless, and for the girl who wants to get noticed. Mia Farrow is one of the first American women to steal our hearts with the look. Many leading ladies have chopped their locks, causing a bit of controversy over the years. Think Kate Moss in the nineties, & Victoria Beckham seems to always be rocking a version of the pixie crop.

The Marilyn Monroe hairstyle is blonde locks that curl under around the bottom edge that ends just below the ears. It’s 1950’s vintage Hollywood glamour. Typically short length and curls all over that add body and bounce to otherwise fine looking hair.

The beehive is a woman’s hairstyle that looks like a legit beehive on top of her head.  It was developed by a woman named Margaret Vinci Heldt of Elmhurst, Illinois in 1960.  Heldt has said, “It grew bigger and bigger, and higher and higher; it didn’t just stay a beehive. It was appealing to short women who wanted to look taller.” It has come back many times since the 1960’s. One name comes to mind when I think of the beehive, and that name is Amy Winehouse.

Feathered hair was super popular in the 1970’s. Full bangs and sides that curl back with a curling iron held vertically are very reminiscent of 70’s hairstyles. Farrah Fawcett made this look famous back in the day. The 70’s also made long straight hair with no bangs, and an off center part popular.

Big hair big back in the 1980’s.  There was a lot of ratting going on, and a lot of strong hold hairspray being used. Think frizzy, wild, and almost like a lions mane. Hot rollers may be the starting point to get big hair, followed by ratting and back combing.

In case you don’t know what backcombing is, it’s basically when you tease or rat your hair. It is a way to comb your hair and create volume, as well as certain hairstyles. It is often used to create big hair, and beehives.

These are the hairstyles that keep coming back again and again. I personally am and always have been a big fan of the bob, but who knows maybe one day I’ll get the urge to try out one of the other styles. Maybe it’s time to get out the hairspray and start teasing. In my opinion, change is always good, and what better way to make a statement than to do something new to your hair.


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