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Pixies, Afros and Mod Bobs – Short Hair Trends for 2015

Pixies, Afros and Mod Bobs – Short Hair Trends for 2015

2015 is all about revival and re-branding. Fashion designers are looking to the past to create the collections of the future, and the hairstyles on the catwalk are shaping the trends of today. A hairstyle is far more than just a cut, it reflects a person’s style and individuality even more so than their outfit. After all, clothes are changeable but a haircut is (at least semi!) permanent. Here are some short hair trends for 2015.

pixie hairstyle trend 2015

Although they may not have the gym-toned body to pull off a celebrity outfit, any woman can take a picture of Scarlett Johansson or Emma Watson into a hair salon and – several hours later – they can emerge with a nearly perfect resemblance. The women of 2015 have more choice than ever in how they style their hair, and the choices available can often seem overwhelming.

Hair Trends for 2015

The Pixie/Rock Crop

Pixie hairstyle

The ubiquitous pixie crop, so popular in recent years, isn’t going anywhere – but, like most aspects of the 2012 hair scene, it is undergoing a re-branding. It’s emerging on the catwalks as the “rock crop”, best suited to those with androgynous facial features and short, angular cut fringes. This short, choppy cut can either be spiked up with gel for maximum rockabilly style, or slicked down for a sleeker appearance. This versatility makes the Rock Crop the perfect day-to-night style.

The Mod Bob

bob hairstyle

The Sixties Revival is still going strong in 2012, with several designers releasing collections that look like wardrobes from the set of Across the Universe. This wavy, mussy bob with the characteristic peak at the crown could be lifted straight from the head of Sixties goddesses Twiggy or Brigitte Bardot. Part hair at the side and fasten with a bobby pin for a maximum Sixties vibe.

The ‘Softfro’

short afro hairstyle

Alongside its earlier counterpart, the Seventies comeback is making waves across the West. Based on the traditional afro, the re-branded is softer and dreamier than its edgy predecessor. Think fuzzy halo rather than bouncing curls – this is a look that can be paired with delicate lace and chiffon, in addition to bold patterns and animal print.

Hair Extensions

The great thing about having short hair is that it’s easily transformed into long hair with very popular extensions for hair – a transition which our longer haired sisters are unable to do without a pair of scissors! Hair extensions can be professionally woven in at a hair salon, although this can be eye-wateringly expensive (sometimes up to $300 for 50 extensions). Clip-in extensions are usually cheaper, can be applied at home, and can be removed and re-used. The more expensive hair extensions are made from authentic human hair and can be curled and straightened.

Styling Essentials For Short Hair

A good quality set of combs is vital for maintaining short hair. Use a variety of fine and wide tooth combs to create your style. Styling wax is usually better for creating texture in short hair. Finish off the style with a firm-hold hairspray to maintain the volume.

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