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A Lip Plumper that Actually Works! Freeze 24/7 Tinted

A Lip Plumper that Actually Works! Freeze 24/7 Tinted

Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper tintedLong ago, I wrote about the clear version of freeze 24/7 lip plumper. At that time, I thought it showed a bit of plumping. Not much, but at least some, and usually I experience none with such products. In fact, I liked it so much, that I included it in my best products of 2007.

But I always worried that as much I loved the product that I imagined any plumping. When it comes to the tinted version I know that it is real, no false hopes stimulating my imagination with this one! Yes! The tinted version, Freeze 24/7 Mini PlumpLips IceSticksactually worked when I tried it!

I initially ordered a tinted Freeze 24/7 simply because even if there is no plumping, I love how the stuff feels and it gives a nice shine. It tingles more than any other plumper out there. So I wanted to get some with a bit of color because I like girly pink lips. I ordered the shade windchill, with is a peachy/pink shade, that looks a bit orange in the tube but goes on much more on the pink side than the coral or peach side.

I liked the shade, but I loved the plumping. To my amazement, my lips did what they were supposed to. They swelled up and looked visibly fuller. I was so happy that I ran around screeching, which made my dog go as nuts as I was (am)!

The only downside to Freeze 24/7 is the price, but I do love it so. The temptation is huge for me to go buy a few more shades!

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